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All Nippon Airways' latest tweets (@FlyANA_official). ANA All Nippon Airways (ANA) is the largest airline in Japan. ANA is Japan's best airline, offering both domestic and international flights. Complimentary miles on all Nippon Airways flights | Miles&Smiles Program Partners. Make great commissions on many published All Nippon Airways itineraries!

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In spite of the long-haul flights between Asia and North America, ANA has made my travelling experiences so enjoyable that I don't care to take another long-haul with ANA! I always choose to go to Asia in my own company. Exquisite cuisine and very thoughtful customer care. Very good dinner and dinner (yes food) aircraft very neat companion perfectly.

However, their Dreamliner (and the in-flight service) simply did not manage to have the Cathay or Singapore Airline Edging luxury that one enjoys. Female stewardesses provided first-class customer care, but the meal didn't smell so good. Overall, I would still give the plane a 5-star rating. From CTS, take a plane to TSA via HND.

Nippon Airways (ANA) receives 5-star ratings

The 5-star ranking of the All Nippon Airways (ANA) aircraft has been granted by the UK-based SKYTRAX aviation ratings agency for the 6th series. As before, ANA is the only 5-star carrier in Japan and one of the few carriers worldwide.

The SKYTRAX 5-star evaluation is only awarded to companies whose customers can enjoy a "5-star rating" and which cover more than 800 different classes from airports to in-flight airlines. This 6th 5-star ranking in a row is an acknowledgement of the constant high standard of ANA' s employees and the airline' s commitment to continuously improving its product and performance in order to offer its customers greater safety and comfort.

ANA' s goal is to maintain SKYTRAX' 5-star status by focusing on providing an even more complete and demanding experience for all our customers throughout the Group. As well as the 5-star award in 2017 in recognition of its high standard of services, ANA once again last year stood up for true accommodation as a traditional Japaneese carrier and implemented the following initiatives:

Introduction of a day-to-day "Chef Service" in the ANA lounge at the Haneda Airport reception area, where the head cook directly caters to the customer and prepares tasty and fresh meals for the guest. A new Star Wars ANA Kids Lounges in the ANA Lounges at Haneda Airport Terminal 2. It offers a secure and fun atmosphere for the little ones, fitted with transparencies, long couches, photo albums and mats.

Beginning of Economy Class delivery of saké on very good welcome aboard intercontinental services. It was the first company in Japan to launch the Airbus A320neo on national services. Refurbishment of the ANA home lounge at Sapporo airfield with the famous Kengo Kuma architec. Refurbishment will include a new ANA Suite Lounges, ANA's highest quality lounges for premier class travelers on home lines, which will provide a place to enjoy ANA's unmatched level of service and host.

Introduction of the new ANA Fast Travel Booking Services at Sapporo following successfully implemented at Haneda Terminal 2 of Haneda AirporTerminal. Improve the education of cab personnel and information exchange system to offer an even more personalized experience for each one. Launched in 1999, a major global airline ratings system that ranks carriers by the quality of their products and services.

Star Ratings are recognized as a worldwide benchmark of carrier performance and are administered by SKYTRAX, the world' s leading aviation ratings agency.

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