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Meeting Nitroish Stools, his faction will play down burden in tie with BJP as JD(U) settled for 17 LS 2019 fits that put an end to all speculations that Janata Dal (United) will announce on Sunday that it will not sever ways with the BJP and remains an ingredient

Saviours in the north of Thailand took four members of a junior football club out of the cavern where they were held for more than two whole week as part of an on-going mission to save the 12 coaches. On Sunday, three workers are drowning while purifying a wastewater purification station in Loni, Ghaziabad.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj condoned the deaths of an Indian college kidnapper in an attempt to rob Kansas City in the USA on Sunday and gave the deceased's relatives all the help they needed. -Dipa Karmakar made fame on Sunday as the first female in India to win a gold award at a world championship and announced her return after a job-threatening injuries at the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup in Mersin, Turkey.

On Saturday, in a move that will be invoiced as "the first in the annals of competition tests", the center stated that from 2019 on, candidates will pass the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) and National Eligibility Inc. Entrance Test (NEET) twice in....

Hizbul Mujahiddinist Burhan Wani's second day of killing on Sunday, a high alarm was raised in various parts of Kashmir to stop retaliation by the" billboard boy" of the pro-Pakistani terror organization.....

Nera Ditta Nirantara (Straight, Bold, Relentless) is the position line for the canal.

Nera Ditta Nirantara (Straight, Bold, Relentless) is the position line for the canal. The Suvarna News has become a powerful gambler to strengthen the simple man's vote. Karnataka's only goal is to offer the Karnataka community high-quality and impartial reporting. Within a brief period of time, the station has developed into one of the most important participants in Kannada's local news scenarios.

The Suvarna News 24x7 is professionally engaged in all sectors to guarantee better reporting and best service. The Suvarna News website ( started its website with TV in 2011. Also the YouTube site of Suvarna News is doing well.

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