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When Swara Bhasker spoke about the casting-sofa in the movie business, she disclosed that a man who claims to be the executive of a major manufacturer once tried to give her an ear out during a get-together. Facebook's own WhatsApp message delivery feature has begun to introduce an upgrade that allows group administrators to prevent group chatting.

Administrators can lock subscribers for messages in the group by choosing "Administrators only" in the group preferences. Following the report that India's deposit with the Swiss bank rose 50% in 2017, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the assumption that all of the deposit was illicit was" a wobbly assumption to be made.

" MLA Sudarshan Gupta was supposedly filmed in front of the cameras and asked the 8-year-old rapist's wife and daughter, Madhya Pradesh BJP, to thank the deputy Sudhir Gupta and the young woman for their visit to a clinic. He''s only come to see you'', Gupta said. A minimum of seven Karnataka MPs, among them CM HD Kumaraswamy, will be prosecuted, a Karnataka election guard and an ADR account on the basis of 26 of 27 state ministers' declarations on oath.

Kumaraswami's accusations involve forgeries that lead to the loss of proof and breaches of confidence by criminals. In addition to Kumaraswamy, three Congress leaders, one GNP leader and two JD(S) leaders will be prosecuted. This, according to reports, was the first well drilled by China in Tibet since the Doklam bankruptcy with India last year. In Kerala's Kottayam, a diocesan monk has brought a lawsuit against a Roman Catholics diocesan priest in northern India who claims to have used her 13 time.

Congressional commander Ajay Singh claimed the vehicle was purchased a months before the shooting down of the Mandsaur P.D. in June 2017, during which five peasants were murdered. Mumbai's Indian Meteorological Department is warning of cyclones over the northeastern Arabian Sea off the northern Gujarat Sea and the eastern-central Arabian Sea off the southern Maharashtra Sea.

"It is very likely that this will lead to strong to very strong rainfalls on the western coastline of India and in parts of Gujarat," the ministry said. Managing Director Kanu Gohain said: "After the UP administration sells it.... it was handed over to us for overhaul. "A Delhi police officer rescued three pilots from an electric shock with a tae kwondo thrill.

On Friday, the police neutralized three terrorist groups at a meeting in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama area. It was started after the entries showed the attendance of several fighters in a single block. Masaan's Shweta Tripathi, who on Friday got remarried to her friend, actor-rapper Chaitanya Sharma, said that "marriage and movies should be made for the right reasons".

" T20I India Capt. Harmanpreet Kaur became the second cricket player to be chosen for the Super Leagues T20 in England after T20I Vice-Captain Smriti Mandhana. Kaur, the first player to have played in Australia's Big Bash T20s, has joined Lancashire Thunder. BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa said Friday that several BJP members of the governing Congress-JD(S) coalition in Karnataka are ready to join BJP.

One Bihar christened her marriage and accused the bridegroom of "unusual behavior" after he seemed frightened after a thunderbolt, said cops on Friday. For the sixteenth time in succession, the US has described Korea as one of the world' s leading countries in this area. The US State Department said in its report'2018 Traffic in Persons Report' that the'North Korea administration continues to use hard labor in detention centers and labor school.

On Friday, the Management Committee of the Banks of Maharashtra released the Managing Directors and Chief Operating Officer Ravindra Marathe and RK Gupta from all duties with immediate effect. That was after Marathe and Gupta were apprehended in the credit scam case of the DSK Group. AC Rout, the other Managing director, was entrusted with the management of the Bank's Chief Operating Officer.

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