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To all Myanmar youth around the world. Arts & Crafts Step by Step in Myanmar Interest/Art Corner Interest / Art. The first is that I am a little more privileged than most young people in Myanmar and have a degree overseas. My answer may not therefore apply to all young people in Myanmar. Elite people living in high-walled settlements can send their children abroad to study.

Young people in Myanmar are more interested in grants

In 2010, the concept of scholarships became more common among young people and can generally be described as a prize for education. With the opening of the state, the interest of young people in studying has also shifted. Even the days when those who could have afforded to go abroad have been well over.

Now is the right moment for the younger generations in Myanmar, where those who are leaders in their own areas can go abroad for further study. In 2010, the concept of scholarships became more common among young people and can generally be described as a prize for education.

To a certain extent, it is a form of funding for those who wish to continue their study. When awarding a prize, the selection of these prizes also depends on the donors or organisations awarding the prize. There is no need to return the funding when a grant is made.

"The number of college graduates who long to go to university abroad grows year by year and come not only from large capitals but also from smaller communities and districts," says Su Su Su Hlaing, MSI' s executive director, who offers a free of charge program for those who apply to attend a university abroad.

The Myanmar Search International (MSI) began its free services at the end of 2014 and to date there are over 200 scholarship holders who are enrolled at international education with the help of MSI. She added that those who have approached MSI in person or by telephone to get counsel and try to go abroad to go to university have surpassed them in recent years.

According to Htet Thiri Shwe, who set up this website, there are almost 60,000 members who have given like notes on a Facebook profile, MYEO, which consists of fellowships, hosting internati onal meetings, training and employment programs. "Many people want to go abroad to university. Not only do some of them want to go abroad to university, they also want to improve," she said.

Thiri Shwe received a fellowship in economics and science from a Hong Kong graduate school from 2012 to 2016. During her second year at college, she wanted to exchange information on learning with Myanmar college and set up this MYEO website, and those who asked for grants grew when she went abroad to study.

When someone visits this website www.myeo. information, there is information about grants and grants given to Myanmar scholars. And there are states, education establishments, government and trusts that award these prizes. In addition, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and the ASEAN nations award various types of fellowships, including for alumni, masters and doctoral theses.

Then, again, according to the type of grant and the awarding state, the courses for grants also differ. "I' d like to go abroad to go abroad to university, to be able to compare their educational system with ours and to find out what their educational methodologies are," says a woman who graduated from the National Management School in 2016.

That' s why she thought about going to Australia or the United States to go to university as a first order of business, or to Hong Kong or Thailand just to get to know it. "When young people go abroad, go to university, and when they return to our land with work experiences after finishing their studies and pass on their skills, there will be much more an informed group that will be a great help to the country," Su Su Su Hlaing said to those looking for fellows.

A minimum of 25 to 100 per cent of the grants granted from abroad depends on the subject areas requested, the education establishment, the admission prerequisites and the calibre of the individual candidate. Myanmar Search International has three types of scholarship awards to Myanmar schoolchildren. Most of what Myanmar's undergraduates receive, the so-called Merit Scholarship, depends on their qualifications.

Then, for those who are eligible, according to levels of study and the school they have visited, is known as Entrance Fellowship and the last is for those who are outstandingly known as Pro Vice Chancellor Fellowship or Foundation Course. However, to win this distinction, a pupil must vie with another country's and the most distinguished pupil will be honoured with this grant.

However, no information is made public on how many international student visits per year and how many prizes are awarded from abroad. But, according to the education consultant from Education USA, the free counseling for those who want to go to the United States to college, the number is rising from year to year.

The Education USA has more than 400 centres in 175 counties and two centres have already been set up in Myanmar. "The number of those who go to the States to go to university has grown from year to year. That' s about 15 per cent more per year", says Zarni Lwin, Education USA education consultant.

Scholarship applicants must complete their training materials and a shortlist of people who will recommend them to work or education; a cover note stating that he or she has completed the relevant exams such as IELTS or TOEFL and the applicant's willingness to pursue studies; and the resume should be reviewed as described in the headlines on prestigious prizes for education.

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