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" When I'm alone and want to think about everything, all these flashbacks come. The Irrawaddy" and "Democratic Voice of Burma". Many fake news about social media spread this propaganda. People with Buddha tattoos are advised to cover them "anytime". The Council agreed to a statement referring to violence on all sides of the conflict.

All those cutbacks are coming": Rohingya's teenagers talk about Myanmar's cruelty | Liz Ford | Global developments

Reminiscences of the October days that forever transformed the teenage Mohammed Riaz's live come in lively recollections when it's getting dim and serene. National troops were arriving in his town in Buthidaung, Myanmar. Muhammad, 17, and his mom were able to leave the home. Biplop, 18, with only one name, had a nightmare after an assault by the Armed Services on his town in the same county a year before.

Biplop says out the windows of his house he saw a man decapitated and his baby slaughtered. Some 700,000 Rohingya have escaped from Myanmar and traversed the Bangladesh frontier since 25 August last year, when further violent attacks erupted in the state of Rakhine in the north of the country. Now Mohammed and Biplop, who were among the newcomers, are getting help in coping with the traumas.

I' m having bad dreams too," said Mohammed in a marquee made of balukhali, a temporary shelter for refugees near the city of Cox's Bazar. Mohammed' s readiness to communicate nevertheless provides a chance for his own life, said Imrul Hosen, deputy head of the Action Against Hunger psychological healthcare team.

This NGO holds stressmanagement meetings in the camps for young men like Mohammed and Biplop. Hopefully group therapeutic meetings will help to ensure that traumatized youth in the camps do not grow into furious, violence-prone young men who are susceptible to radicalization and avoid the outbreak of a post-traumatic strain disturbance. World Health Organization predicts that up to one in five persons involved in an emergencies will experience some kind of mental state.

But in 2015, WHO found that hardly any psychiatric care was provided by relief organizations. Since then, it has demanded that psychological heath care is an important part of the medical care pack for those displaced from their houses. In the last 15 years, there has been a heightened sense of the need to promote the psychological well-being of migrants.

Acting Against Hunger, Médecins Sans Frontières and Sava the Children are among the more than 10 NGOs and relief organisations that provide psychological assistance to Cox' s Bazar migrants. Given the extent and rate of flow of Rohingya returnees since August, Eshita, a medical shrink who advised the survivor of the 2013 Rana Plaza plant crash in Bangladesh's Dhaka metropolis, had to act quickly to implement dream counseling.

Until September, its organization recruited around 30 additional employees and provided immediate aid for men, woman and kids in the region. Aside from the violent experiences men have had or have had, Eshita says that other important causes of men's fears and depressiveness include the need to adjust to a new setting, not having a job nor the knowledge of how they will live and help their family.

The young men who participate in the Balakuli concentration camps with their trousers and the Balakuli trousers crew gather in groups of 12 to 14 persons, two to three meetings, to exchange their experience and mastering it. Trousers said he was encouraging the men to keep seeing each other and support each other after the first sittings.

It also cares for those who need more intensive assistance and recommends them for personal consultation by a PC. 12-year-old Gora Mia is highly encouraged for further assistance. After the Burmese army attacked his home town in Buthidaung last September, Gora was found in a puddle of paint with a Machetta punch in the throat.

Somebody came to pick him up and took him across the frontier, and he was taken to a Chittagong clinic about 180 km from Cox's Bazar, where he was treated for two month. He has no idea where her husbands are or how she will feed herself, Gora and her disabled daughter.

He' been treated at Cox's Bazar, but he needs more special grooming. Biplop, whose gray T-shirt is decorated with the words "RAW", perhaps a reflection of his inner torture, said that it was helpful to talk about his experience in therapeutic meetings and with other people.

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