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More topics on our blog. That travel blog was about. I' m driving through Bagan without feeling danger. View all our latest offers, travel guides and holiday, holiday and tour ideas! They will be found in all major tourist towns and in some hotels.

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A view of a nice pond, backyard or hill with a good glas of good wines, is there something better than that? We have been on our trips around the globe already in some vineyards,..... Burma is probably the most photographed place we have ever visited.

Faces of those who, despite all the hardship, are satisfied with their lives, the untouched textures of a landscape affected by the damage of contemporary development and..... Since Myanmar has recently become the most sought-after land on this website, we thought a goat leader was okay. Hopefully this travel guidebook to Myanmar will help all those who want to visit this astonishing state.

Rudyard Ki-pling, Letter's from the East (1898)- Things are moving all over the globe, but perhaps this overall transformation is best described as..... and we were on a 14-hour night coach to Inle Lake.

Burma in February

There is a great deal to consider when you book your unique vacation in Myanmar. However, something that is often omitted from these thoughts are the data you travel and what you can look forward to during this time in the state. Where are the festival events? So, let's decipher that and see what happens in Myanmar this February.

We' re not going to skip the beaten track here, we think February is the best time to visit Myanmar. There are a little less visitors buzzing around after the top few December and January, and the heat is just getting a little more. This makes it first-class terms of transportation in our work.

It is known for its love of a good old party, and to come to Myanmar in February is no different. There are 3 major celebrations throughout the whole land, all around the same full lunar month. First one will take place from 28 January to 11 February in Mandalay and is known as Mahamuni Pagoda Festival.

Celebrating the full lunar anniversary of Thabodwe, which is February 11th this year. Further up is the Nyan Taw Peagoda Feast in Pyin Oo Lwin, which takes place from February 3 - February 11. Like most pagodas in Myanmar, during the feast thousand of ethnical groups come down from the mountains to buy or sale their wares.

Lastly, there is the Kyaik Khauk Pagoda International Pagoda Show in Yangon from 6 February to 12 February, where colorful evenings entertainments are offered while pottery and products are on sale from regional retailers. We would strongly advise you to travel to Myanmar in February if possible, as everyone would be a tourist.

Watch the Mandalay, Pyin Oo Lwin and Yangon Festival while you're at it and sunbathe in the beautiful sun just before the really hottest time.

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