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It has made it its business to offer its guests a positive experience with its excellent service and high value. Explore the vibrant city centre in our TRYP by Wyndham Yangon and bring brilliant modern design to classic Asian culture. Yangon Region Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel: It' one of my favorite hotels in Yangon. The Strand is a Victorian-style hotel in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), built by Aviet and Tigran Sarkie, two of the Sarkies Brothers.

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It' s a nice colonial-style hotel. Small cosy hôtel de style colonial. It' one of my favorite Yangon resorts. Lunches at the swimming pools are always a pleasure. Dinner was fine, but in proportion to the costs I was expecting much more. But I was disillusioned with the waitress when they took the dishes off the tables while I was still ate.

And then I took my dish off the dinner menu..... so I could finished my dinner. Perhaps your employees need more workout, but taking a dish with dinner on it while I had my knives and forks in my hands is a little exaggerated....

Gorgeous haven in Yangon. Architectural design, space comforts, equipment and excellent personnel are definitely a good value for money. It' like a motel from an old James Bond film. Perfectly tidy, with a large swimmingpool area and a fabulous restaurant...nt, which is a common sheep and perhaps the best gingerbread and citronella I have enjoyed in the ASEAN for over 8 years.

And I could spend my time sitting by the swimming poolside in this little haven in the heart of Yangon. When you visit Yangon for a few nights, you should take a look at it. I' m not hesitating to suggest to the guests and spend the night in this nice little town.

Exquisite shop-and-restaurant. Great dinner. Personnel very attentively and rooms very well equipped. Please do not forget to refer this property to a friend. What a mooii hoteI in Yangon. Plenty of alcoholic beverages, an infinite number of small dishes with perfect dishes, a luxury ambience and careful personnel.

Yangon Palm Spring

The capital of the Union of Myanmar, Nay Pyi Taw is central and strategic, about 4 km from Yangon. Nay Pyi Taw, Palm Spring Executive Residence, is situated in the Nay Pyi Taw area, with (68) well-equipped rooms with comforts.

The Myitkyina is located about 1500 km from Yangon, the capital of the Kachin, the most northern state of Myanmar, on the western shore of the renowned and powerful Ayeyarwady National Park. The Myitkyina Palm Spring has 39 luxury suite with contemporary facilities serving Mediterranean, Asian, Myanmar and Kachinese cuisine.

Our guests can enjoy our 100% satisfaction and our service and facilities are constantly being improved.

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