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She has made it her business to offer her guests a positive experience through her good service and her good price-performance ratio. The Dagon Pagoda is only a few steps away from the hotel. Myanmar accommodation can be designed to fit most budgets. Each room has its own bathroom. Please enter city, address, postcode, airport or place of interest.

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Luxurious and uniquely situated, this home boasts genuine Myanmar architecture, state-of-the-art technology and the latest amenities and service on an internationally renowned level. Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon has an exclusive private dining area, a gastronomic dining area, a classy lounge and five storeys of extraordinarily well-equipped, nicely furnished guest rooms. Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon is only 30 minutes by car from Yangon Internacional Airports, near Yangon City Centre and just a few minutes walk from the beautiful gold Shwedagon Pagoda.

Rose Garden Hotel Yangon specialises in providing luxurious five-star facilities and authentic Myanmar flair to its cuisine. Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon:

10 BEST Hotels in Myanmar from 2018 (with prizes)

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Myanmar Lodging (Burma)

Myanmar accommodations can be designed to meet most of your travel plans. Rates are quoted in US Dollar, but all of our properties are accepting Myanmaryat ( "Myanmar Kyat" is the prefered option depending on the hotel). Cheap accommodations can cost from as little as $5 per room up to $40. It can be a small family-run guesthouse or a small motel that offers single rooms and sometimes common washbasins.

You may not always find AC, 24 hours of power or warm running waters at the bottom of your household; in some isolated parts of the land you may be equipped with a washing pail and not a bathroom with showers. Myanmar has few lodges that would be found in places like Thailand, although some are beginning to be built in Yangon.

Regardless, you'll probably find cheerful groups of like-minded people in cheap guesthouses and B&Bs in favourite places across the state. Middle class accommodations occupy the $40 to $120 rate bracket. Luxurious accommodations start at $120 per room and can reach $400 for high-end Yangon or top tourism centers.

On the top end you will find real luxurious and stylish, with wonderfully equipped properties that suit everyone in the neighboring world. You can find over 500 properties throughout Myanmar, with room prices, addresses, phone, e-mail and website information (if available) using the searching feature on the right side of this page.

Or you can choose a hotel on-line (Mastercard, Visa and wire transfers accepted); for select hotel you will also find photographs, a client facility listing and the exact Google Maps locations. In addition, we are listing those that do not provide on-line bookings that you can directly reach by e-mail, telephone or through their website (if available).

Most of our select (online bookings) accommodations are in the mid- and upper price segments - lower-priced accommodations are also included, but do not usually provide onlinebooking. Burma is an ever more attractive tourist spot and there are some problems with shelter. Because of the lack of space, the price is often higher than in other Southeast Asian markets (especially in Yangon).

It' always a good option to book by e-mail or telephone a few nights before your stay. Whilst we are accepting payment by bank transfer for all our listed properties, many of them do not allow payment by bank transfer, in which case there may be a significant additional charge.

In Myanmar, the web is not always consistent; if you e-mail a property directly and do not receive a response within 48hrs, try again. When there are more than one e-mail address in our offers, use them all. This is also true for telephone connections; telephone connections are not always connected, so many establishments offer several telephone numbers.

Accommodation usually includes breakfasts and can often organize trips locally. Medium class and luxurious establishments often offer pick-up services from the airports, railway stations or coaches. Host families are technologically illicit in Myanmar - foreign nationals are only allowed to spend the night in licenced accommodation.

In more isolated parts of the countryside, where there are few (or no) host families are generally accepted and costs between K 2000 and K 5000 per overnight stay. But here too you can see that the government agencies in isolated areas of the land are turning a blind eye to this - although you will certainly receive a great deal of publicity and do so at your own peril.

When you book yourself, it is always a good idea to call or mail in before. Latest news about connection in this fast-changing land.

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