All about Thailand Tourism

Everything about Thailand Tourism

A newsroom of the Tourism Authority of Thailand offers news and information about Thai tourism, events in Thailand, Thai culture, cuisine, art and lifestyle. Fascinating Thailand Luxury: where life rules everything. The aim of this study is to describe the images of the Thai tourist destination with the help of brochure analyses. Find the cheapest hotel rates in Thailand? Simply - book the hotel directly - cut out all middlemen.

Tourist-visa in Thailand

ThailandĀ is a wonderful place. Much of Thailand's income comes from the tourism sector, making it the tourist centre of the Far Orient. But what if you want to stay in another state and spend a holiday in Thailand? Before entering the "Land of Smiles", please read the relevant directives and documentation.

If you are visiting Thailand for recreational purposes, sightseeing and face-to-face education, you are a traveler. Tourists are not permitted to work or do any kind of trade in Thailand. Tourists need a touristic visas to be able to stay in Thailand for 15 or 30 nights while making your own exploration and trips in the area.

Things to do with a touristy visas? Visas are a form or documents required to be able to reside in Thailand for a certain length of validity for the purposes of tourism. If required, the touristic visas can also be prolonged. A number of Thai governments have concluded treaties to allow their nationals to take advantage of exemptions when they enter Thailand as tourism.

Certain documentation and charges are required when you apply for a tourismĀ visas. For an up-and-coming Thailand visitor it would be a good thing to ask for the right information before he or she flies to Thailand.

Necessary documentation Remember that the consulate officials have the right to ask for extra documentation if they deem it necessary. Visas fee: Visas are valid from 3 to 6 month, according to the number of arrivals across the country or from the Aiport.

When you arrive in Thailand via an Thailand internation port, you will receive a 30-day or 60-day residence permit, according to whether your host nation has concluded a bilaterally concluded visa waiver treaty with Thailand. When you cross the Thai frontier, you will receive a 15-day residence permit as a visitor at the Department of Migration, after which you must leave the state on or before your residence permit expires.

You can also extend your touristic visas if you want or have to remain longer in Thailand. They must apply to the Immigration Department at Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Tel (662) 287-3101-10 for an additional year.

Remember that the successful outcome of an extended residence is entirely at the sole discretion of the immigrant official taking part in your request.

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