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The Hom Mali Rice (Thai jasmine rice) is grown here and exported all over the world. The Constitution states that service in the armed forces is a duty of all Thai citizens. A wondrous kingdom with Buddhist temples, exotic animals and spectacular islands. Situated in a fertile tropical landscape in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a mosaic of diversity and culture. This site provides an overview of the country and information about the regulations for foreign visitors to Thailand.

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Situated in the centre of southeastern Asia. Both Cambodia and Laos are bordering the land to the north and the eastward side, and Myanmar is in the northwestern part. The Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand lie to the western side, just north of Burma. It has the highest peaks in the north of Thailand. Approximately 90 per cent of the population are Buddhists, but about three million Muslims are living in the southern part near the Malaysian state.

Thai cooking is affected by China and India. They produce silks, which are processed into fine silks in Thailand, France and the United States. The city is known as the Venice of the East because it has 83 channels. Up to 10,000 vessels full of fruit, vegetable and seafood are crowding the channels and creating a swimming school.

Bangkok is home to many stunning Buddhist buildings with gilded towers, charming palagodas and huge Buddha-statures.


Cookery courses show the ease behind the apparently complex meals, and the mastery of the kitchen is an important ability to survive. Between the overcrowded urban areas lies the countryside, a mixture of paddy farms, lush rainforests and occupied settlements linked to the farmhouse. On the northern side, the woods and meadows come up against tooth blues and silver waterfall peaks.

Southward, barren lime rocks rise out of the cultural scene like prechistoric high-rises. Mostly dry, the north-east radiates an emerging shade of emeraldgreen during the wet seasons, when delicate leafy sprouts cover the area. Heaven is a intimate part of this Buddhaist country, and spiritual abandonment is colorful and omnipresent.

Shining sanctuaries and gold Buddhas surround both the countryside and the contemporary world. Old bandantries are solemnly covered in holy shawls to honor the local ghosts, lucky shrines adorn modest houses as well as huge shopping centres, while garland-covered fixtures fend off accident. Guests can attend meditative retreats in Chiang Mai, church celebrations in north-eastern Thailand, subterranean cavern chests in Kanchanaburi and Phetchaburi and mountain temple in the North.

Thailand is a hideaway for the hedonists and the hermits, the princes and the poor, with a long coast line (actually two coastlines) and jungles rooted in blue-water. The paradise provides a diverse menu: play in the soft waves of Ko Lipe, dive with ko tao shark, climb the Krabi cliff, kitesurf in Hua Hin, party on Ko Phi-Phi, relax in a spa town on Ko Samui and feast on the sands and seas.

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