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Lots of interesting facts, curiosities and interesting facts about Myanmar, the most untouched and unexplored country in Southeast Asia. Burma is a land of secrets. These are funny facts you didn't know about Burma! So what is special and unusual about this country? Burmese, also known as Bamar, is the language of Myanmar.

Facts and curios about Myanmar

It is a fascinating place, bordered by India and China to the east of Southeast Asia, and the fact that it has had so much immigration from these last two countries is a great and unique mélange. Unfortunately, the nation lived many years in a state of closure before the outside worlds because of the army rule that took over in the 1960s and has at last started to open up in recent years.

For this reason, the region's land is far less "spoiled" by tourists and the land that has preserved its essential qualities and is easy to add to your itinerary. There are no last names on Myanmar, neither of the family. When it is Monday, it starts with qa, hka, ga or ng.

When it is Tuesday, it starts with sa, ha, za or new. When it'?s Wednesday mornin?, it starts with la or wa. When it is Wednesday afternoons, it starts with ya or ra. When it' Thursday, it starts with pa, ha, ba or ma.

When it is Friday, it starts with thai or ha. When it' Saturday, it starts with ta, yah, there or na. When it is Sunday, it will be with a.Once adult if they want to make a significant turn to their lives is quite usual to alter their name to stand up for such a choice.

It' s astonishing to see so many different age groups with their faces drawn with Tanaka. Soccer and other kinds of sporting activities can be forgotten, in Myanmar you will only see their international game, the Chinlon. The game is a six-person team and is very inquisitive because they don't compete against each other.

It' not about win or lose, but about making the match more fun. You' ll also see that the overwhelming bulk of the population spends their days munching nuts in their leaves. Like in other lands of the area, Buddha is the holiest. A Spaniard was actually imprisoned in Bagan for having a Buddha ink on his heifer.

There are hundred Buddhist shrines in Bagan where religious pray. In all the churches of the land you will find groundnuts and teas that can be eaten by you. It is not only the biggest nation on the entire Southeast Asian continent, but also the thirty-ninth in the underworld. Since March 2016, Htin Kyaw has been in office as prime minister and the first civilian elective since the 1962 putsch.

Approximately 17% of the total area is farmland. Farming accounts for over 70% of jobs and 40% of GNP, making it the country's major engine. Like in all shrines, teas and groundnuts for people. During the colonisation many of the city titles were modified by the English, although the initial naming convention is currently in use.

The most famous are: Yangon (Rangoon) The capitol Naypyidaw is only 14 years old and was constructed out of nothing to transform the town. Nevertheless, the old capitol Yangon is by far the most populous. It' absolutely prohibited to stay or stay in a temple. Though it has been suggested in recent years to go to Myanmar with all US dollar withdrawals in bar, as there were virtually no ATM machines, you can find them anywhere in any minimal big town.

In Yangon, you won't miss the fact that you won't have to avoid motorcycles on the other side of the road as they have been forbidden since 2003 in comparison to other large towns in Southeast Asia!

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