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Algiers is blocking the web to stop student scams during examinations | World News

In order to counter a massive fraud plague by high schools graduates, Algeria has switched off the web for up to three lessons a days this weekend - for everyone. Algérie Telecom, the French telecom company, said that, following a common ruling by the Telecom and Educational Affairs Ministries, it has reduced the provision of online access in accordance with the government's directives..... in order to guarantee the smooth running of the Abitur examinations.

She released a timeline for the shutdown: three one-hour blaouts, which coincide with the first lesson of each Abitur examination, on Wednesday and two each on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Fraud among the more than 700,000 Algerian student Bacs was so common in 2016 that the Department of Higher Learning invalidated several examinations and ordered more than 500,000 repetitions with newques.

Before or shortly after the beginning of each examination, a large number of late entrants were pleased to find out what they thought of it. Thirty one persons were detained, among them several staff members of the Department of Schools. Following this débacle, in 2017 the Algerian government department set up Algeria's 2,100 test centers and block connections to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Delayed arrivals were also excluded from the examination and instead had to take a special test at a later date. However, this was not 100% efficient, said Benghabrit, so this year a complete power failure was ordered as part of a dramatic range of actions, which included equipping test centers with hardware detection devices and asking supervisors and instructors to hand in their telephones and pills.

According to Ali Kahlane, a spokesperson for their federation, however, it is a matter for mobile phone operators to monitor the power outage, and added that they are required by the operators' agreements to fulfil such orders from Imane-Houda Feraoun, the telecoms secretary. Another technologist, Iheb Tekkour, said Feraoun's choice harmed not only the country's economic system but also Algeria's reputation abroad.

A former Algalian Defense Minister's son Lotfi Nezzar, who is also the manager of an ISP, lodged a letter of objection with ARPT, according to the Alg24 news website. This power outage was a "brutal measure" that not only violated the consistency of ISPs' guarantee of services, but also unjustly discriminated web surfers and surfers and "a catastrophic picture of the state.... tantamount to blatant amateurism," he said.

However, Algeria is not the only one to take such drastic measures during the examination season: Syria, Iraq, Mauritania, Uzbekistan and several India states are allegedly blocking online use. Algiers are not unfamiliar with bad services. Speedtest reports that the country's online penetration rate is the second lowest of 135 areas studied, only quicker than that of Venezuela.

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