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Gibraltar is the largest city on the Bay of Gibraltar (in Spanish Bahía de Algeciras). First I came to Algeciras as an eager au-pair, who did not give two legs to Jamón, where I landed in Spain. Discover the holidays in Algeciras and discover the best time and places to visit.

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The Algeciras (; Spanish: Al Jaz?ra Al-Khadr?) is a seaport in the southern part of Spain and the biggest town on the Bay of Gibraltar (in Spanish the Bahía de Algeciras). Algeciras is one of the biggest European and international harbours in three categories: containers, freight and throughput.

Situated in the ancient Rome of Portus Albus, Caetaria (now Getares) and Iuliua Tracta, the present name of Algeciras comes from the Arabic times of the Iberian Peninsula: Its territory has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and the oldest remnants date back to the Palaeolithic age.

During 859 A.D., the Vikings on 62 Trekars under the command of the Hastein and Björn Ironside commanders sieged the town for three whole day and then devastated much of it. Reorganised near the médina, the residents succeeded in recovering the town and letting the intruders run away by taking two small ships.

Emir Al-Mutadid of Seville expelled the Berbers from Algeciras in 1055 and claimed them for Arabs. Algeciras was sieged in 1278 by the armed troops of the Kingdom of Castile under the orders of Alfonso X of Castile and his Son Sancho IV[7] This was the first of a number of sieges to conquer the town, and ended with the collapse of the Spanish armed troops.

It was conquered by the Moors in 1368. 10 ] The area was later given up, but revived in 1704 by Gibraltar fugitives after the area was occupied by Anglo-Dutch troops in the War of Spanish Succession. In 1906, the town became the site of a serious global economic downturn when it host the Algeciras Conference.

In July 1942 a group of frog men from Italy settled in a private compound in the Olterra oil terminal, an Algeciras ship, to engage the Gibraltar navigation. During the Franco period, Algeciras experienced considerable industry growth and created many new employment opportunities for the indigenous workforce, who became redundant when Franco closed the boundary between Gibraltar and Spain between 1969 and 1982.

The Algeciras is above all a traffic junction and an industry town. It' s principal activity is linked to the harbour, which acts as the principal point of boarding between Spain and Tangier and other Moroccan harbours as well as the Canary Islands and the Spain of Ceuta and Melilla. It' classified as the sixteenth most congested harbor in the whole wide open area.

It also has an important fishery sector and produces a number of local produce such as grain, cigarettes and livestock. Over the last few years it has become a major tourism attraction, with favourite daily tours to Tarifa for birdwatching, Gibraltar for sightseeing and cultural visits, and the Gulf of Gibraltar for spotting whales.

The Algeciras is the southerly terminal station of two important north-south Euroroutes, the E-05 and the E15. Algeciras Gibraltar Company constructed the Algeciras-Bobadilla line, which is connected to Bobadilla, Antequera and the remainder of Spain, the line ends near the harbour of Algeciras. One of the most important tours that Algeciras operates is the one that you can take:

Airport Gibraltar - up to 20 km. The Algeciras helipad will also be constructed for transportation to Ceuta and other areas of the area. Algeciras Real Feria (June). La Virgen de la Palma (August). Algeciras Mardi Gras. Established in 1912, Algeciras CF scored in the third row of the Segunda División B[20] in the 2013-14 season, relegating to the Tercera Division, which took second place after a defeat in the Spain Division, and staging home matches at the Estadio Nuevo Mirador.

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The Weather Channel - monthly averages for Algeciras, Spain. Algeciras: Algeciras. Commons Wikimedia has related to Algeciras related news medium.

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