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Tours in Alcatraz

Booking your Alcatraz tickets online and skip the line! Today Alcatraz, a former prison, is a national park and one of the most popular attractions of the city. Stay up to date with us Don't be deceived by unauthorised vendors who offer Alcatraz ticket at excessive pricing. Explore the beautiful and shameful island of Alcatraz in the Bay of San Francisco. The civil war period building, cannon and underground rooms give an impression of the nineteenth cent.

when the island was used as a harbour fortification as well as a stronghold.

While you moor on Alcatraz Island, visual memories of the Indians' occupation, which began in 1969 and ended in 1971, remain engraved on "The Rock", an important landmark in the Indians'-right-wing. The Alcatraz Island tours start and end at Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing, situated along the San Francisco North Shore Walk, at Embarcadero near the crossroads of Embarcadero and Bay Streets.

On foot, by bicycle, by car or by means of transport (as a last resort)....easy accessibility from anywhere in the bay! For the latest on Alcatraz Island and other attractions within the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy, please subscribe below.

Tours in Alcatraz

For Alcatraz travel passes and itinerary information, call (415) 981-7625 or call Alcatraz cruises. Make sure to buy your ticket several nights in advance as the tours will soon be outdated. Carry your clothes and hiking boots, take your cameras with you and get yourself prepared for an exhilarating and unforgettable stay at The Rock!

Tours are provided daily by parking rankers and other employees. Clint Eastwood's dummy home in Escape from Alcatraz, the jail was home to many villains in its high time. You can use the AV tools to find out about the story: the audioguided Zellhaus shows narratives and words of prisoners and guardians, and a live cam show shows the origins of the Red Power Indian community in Alcatraz.

Take a stroll through the renovated historical parks with a teacher and get to know the soft side of the rock. The tours depart the Alcatraz Harbor every Friday and Sunday at 9:30 am. Let yourself be advised on Wednesday from 11.00 oâ??clock by a gardner of the officers' line and you will be able to take a guided visit through these gardens.

The Alcatraz Nights Cruise, a one-of-a-kind programme restricted to a few hundred people per day, also allows you to explore the archipelago at noon. The San Francisco Chronicle calls it the "best trip of the Bay Area" and it offers specific programmes, tours and activites that are only available to the island's all-nighters.

Alcatraz Nights tours take place all year round, Thursday and Monday afternoons. Included in the dinner are transport by shuttle, a life story about the boats, a Cellhouse to Cellhouse guide, the Cellhouse Audio Tours, a memento booklet, a leisure time charge and a wide range of programmes and demonstrations available only at noon. You can buy your ticket by visiting Alcatraz Cruises or calling (415) 981-7625.

The Alcatraz Night Tour revenue supports conservation and conservation work on Alcatraz and in the Golden Gate National Parks. If you would like general information about the night tour, please call (415) 561-4926. Join the Alcatraz Night Tour as a voluntary activity with the Alcatraz Night Tour in one of America's most popular places. To join our group as a V.I.P., please call the NPS Helpline at (415) 561-4755, the Night Tour directly at (415) 561-4927.

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