Alcatraz Cruises

Cruises in Alcatraz

Grab tickets to Alcatraz Island and drive on San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz Island's rich history means that there is always something new to discover. Charges & Passports - Alcatraz Island (U.S. National Park Service)

Alcatraz is one of the most worthwhile places to go on a San Francisco tour. Anyone wishing to enter the jail and the islands must make a booking. Since more than a century, the National Park Service has introduced a booking system that is very different from the way earlier generation have visited Alcatraz University.

National Park Services strongly recommend that you reserve your admission passes in good time. Bookings made well in advance allow the visitor to come and make waiting for admission unnecessary. The Alcatraz concert passes are all included. Included in the fare are the Alcatraz Cruises boat services, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy audioguided tours and the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act fees.

More information on timetables, fares and ticket sales (tickets are available approximately 90 working nights in advance) can be found on the Alcatraz Cruises website. Audioguided tours are available in English, Spanish, French, Spanish, Rumanian, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Mandarin. To avoid the audioguide, please consult a specialist at the bookshop of the company to get a reimbursement.

Cruises in Alcatraz

It is recommended to buy the tickets online and to print them out yourself....would have been like back in the day. Just in the same time. It was an outstanding audioguide and far exceeded my expectation, which really contributed to the feeling of being a part of it. There' s a lot of stuff on-line, but the trip leaves him out completely and concentrates on escape and other high-profile events and individuals, which was great, but I just have the feeling that we just miss something by not focusing our attentions on the most notorious of Alcatraz's prisoners.

The boat departed on schedule. Recommend the audiotour or the tourist guides to learn the story. We' ve been behind the scene last months and it was fantastic! It was a very intriguing story about our leader and we still had plenty of free rein to do. Extremely profesional cruising and touring, had a lot of fun!

It' a worthwhile experience to see and listen to this historical San Francisco Bay isle!

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