Alanna Tortall

Tortall Alanna

AIanna is the first knight in Tortall in over a century. Sweating disease reaches Tortall. AIanna saves Jon's life; Myles guesses the secret of AIanna.

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Tamora Pierce's first ever string band, The Song of the Lioness. This lioness song recounts the tale of young Alanna von Trebond, a young woman of fine descent who does not want to live the lives of a fine one. She exchanges places with her twins Thom and goes to the castle to become a joust.

Subsequent books accompanied Alanna through her first years as a chevalier and travel through her home country Tortall and other states. This is the first vol. telling the history of Alanna's side-years. She and her little sister change places and come into the castle dressed as a young "Alan", make foes and make new ones.

She' also learning most of the things she needs to know as a chevalier. Although she is only one side, Alanna already has to struggle against Sweating Disease and the mighty Ysandir. Alanna, the miner of Crown Prince Jonathan IV of Conté and still dressed as a youngster, encounters the Great Mother Goddess.

She tells her that she has to face her three greatest fears: the anxiety of the chamber of the test, the anxiety of Duke Roger of Conté and the anxiety of it. Tortall declares war against Tortall. Eventually Alanna has become a chevalier and has taken a great menace to the Tortallan crown from the country.

However, the revelations that "Squire Alan" is indeed "Sir Alanna" are not easy to accept by the judge. In order to escape the tale and find themselves again, Alanna and her servant Coram Smythesson Corus abandoned Corus and traveled through the Great South Desert, where they met the Bloody Hawk bazhire people.

Alanna has to learn the traditions of Bazhire and teach three youngsters the way of a Bazhire-man. In an attempt to rescue an old Halef Seif boyfriend, Alanna found a card that promised the Dominion Jewel that would help Tortall succeed. Along the way she encounters Shang Dragon Liam Ironarm and Sarain Princess Thayet Julian Wilima, who both come back to Tortall with her after completing their search.

However, even after she brought home the Dominion Jewel, there is still a threat to Tortall. Count Roger of Conté is back from the grave, trying to take down Tortall. This is Alanna of Trebond: She is the Quartett's hero. She' ll be the first knighthood in hundreds of years. Notorious for her temperament and her aversion to partying, she still brought fame to Tortall.

Trebond's Thom: This is Alanna's twins sibling. While Alanna is afraid of sorcery, he can' t get enough of it. onathan of Conté: onathan is the Crown Prince of Tortall. He' also a dear companion of Alanna and later her beloved. AIanna meets him for the first time on a trip to Corus and they soon become mates.

He is the first of her new boyfriends to find out that she is indeed a little gal. Soon George starts to have romantic emotions for Alanna. He is a Tortallan aristocrat known in the castle as a drinker at courtyard. Soon he and Alanna become boyfriends and Myle will help her with words and deeds and finally even adopt her as his heiress.

This is Roger of Conté: She is one of the few who immediately rejects and understands him. Though he was considered to have died after his battle with Alanna after her ordeal of knighthood, he later returned to demolish Tortall again. As Tamora Pierce was writing the Alanna novel, she created it as a 732-page adult novel entitled "The Song of the Lioness".

Most of the 1980s she spends writing history anew. Alanna: The First Adventure, the first part of the Lion Quartet's song, was released at the Atheneum in 1983. Five years later, the quartet's last novel, Lioness Rampant, was also released by Atheneum Verlag.

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