Alanna of Trebond

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Trebond's Alanna is a fictional character in Tamora Pierce's Tortall universe. Henceforth, I am Alan of Trebond, the younger twin. <font color="#ffff00">Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau | Tamora Pierce Wiki

who became the respected Pirate's Swoop Count and one of the two Spymasters." Three of Pirate's Swoop, called after her sibling Alan of Pirate's Swoop, pays homage to her dad and her old age as Page/Squire Alan and Alianne of Pirate's Swoop.

Trebond's Alanna was conceived together with her twins Thom 419 HE as the only daughters of Lady Marinie and Alan von Trebond. They were not given the feeling that they were beloved and were mainly brought up by Coram Smythesson, a former military officer and valet, and Maude Tanner, the local wealer.

It was Coram who teached them fundamental martial arts and how to pursue and chase, while Maude showed them how to deal with their present. Álanna turned out to be very skillful in Coram's teaching, more than her brother, however, she hesitated to use the full power of her magics for fear of the present. It did not endorse that it was learned, and it certainly did not endorse that Thom became a great magician, as the young man had desired.

Alanna tried her hand at figure skating when she was five years old. Once as a knave she took on a scating game suggested by Alexander von Tirragen and witnessed it, which probably led to even greater anxiety, although this was never confirmed[6]. Thom and Alanna were probably often in the forests around Trebond as kids, probably walking or chasing with Coram.

Alanna had never been far away from her home, however, certainly never in a big town. Lord Alan had his offspring leaving Trebond at the tender age of ten; Alanna went to the monastery to become a woman, and Thom went to the castle to become a warrior.

None of the two children wanted the futures that were intended for them, so Alanna developed a relocation itinerary. Maude not only saw something in the flame, but also Alanna, which should not have happened, because Maude pronounced the magic and only the wizard could have seen something.

As Alanna could see a town with a shiny stone[5]. Thereafter Maude consented to help the Gemini and bring Thom to the town of the gods to become a warlock. It was Maude who was helping to attract Alanna like a young man, and she was filling Coram's bottle with thick Brandy, so he would be more willing to hear Alanna when he found out he was taking the false Gemini to Corus.

Recognizing on the way and angry at first, Alanna warned him to make him see things with sorcery, pointing out that she was by far the more able Gemini and would be more of an honor to him. Coram, though initially reluctant, finally consented to follow the scheme.

Alanna in Corus as her servant and shared her rooms in the wing of the pages[7]. She found the first few rounds of the Palast - with a whole new timetable and a lot of heavy work Alanna wasn't used to - quite challenging. Alanna even thought about stopping, but Coram was able to persuade her to do so, and Alanna soon began to develop a habit of living in the castle.

7 ]Alanna also had to wait for dinner. During her early years in the Palast, Alanna created both boyfriends and foes. Her first girlfriend was Gary von Naxen, her supporter and also the training master's boy. Alanna showed them around and presented them to his group of acquaintances, who later became Alanna's mates.

Alanna had to wait for dinner too. During her first trip to the town of Corus, three month after her arrived in the capital,[7] she encountered George Cooper, the king of thieves. So they became good acquaintances and George later provided Alanna with his own good mount, Moonlight.

Once he took her with him to see his barony, and Alanna found a dagger in the old woman's remains, whom she called Littlening. So when Alanna awoke to find bloody clothes on her sheet one day, she went into town to find George because he knew a shealer.

and George took her to his mom' Eleni's. Explaining to Alanna that she had lived through a part of adulthood, and that her bleeding was a signal that her physique was ripe enough to have babies, she said that she had been able to get pregnant and that she was able to get pregnant. In order to avoid becoming pregnant, Alanna also gave Charme to Aleni. He beat Corus.

Alanna who had the power of self heal disputed with herself whether she should go to the healers and offer them her help. Alanna, in a frantic quest, took charge of him and rescued him from dying with her deed. A while later, the king's grandson, Roger of Conté, came.

Immediately Alanna was distrustful of him. As the miners and Alanna escorted Lord Martin to the town of Persopolis in the Great South Desert, Roger enchanted Jonathan to go to the Black Town of Ysandir, and Alanna felt obligated to go with him and shelter him. The Ysandir was beaten and Alanna was exposed as a woman before Jonathan.

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