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ALCLAK AIR is an airline based in Inuvik in the Northwest Territories in Canada. Aklak Air fares are comparable to those of other airlines. View Aklak Air flights, routes, maps, prices per month and find the cheapest flights. On Aklak Air I flew from Inuvik to Tok/return on the same day. The two airplanes appeared clean and safe.

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All other aircrafts available through Kenn Borek Air Ltd: Three Aklak Air planes were damaged by a fire at Inuvik Airport (Mike Zubko) on 4 November 2010. These were de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter C-GZVH[5], Beechcraft King Air C-GHOC[6] et Beechcraft 99 C-FKBK[7]. Register of civil aircrafts: Quick-search result for Aklak Air".

The" C-GZVH hollow lot description". Network for flight safety. Archiveed from the orginal on November 19, 2010. Accessed November 12, 2010. The" C-GHOC hollow lot description". Network for flight safety. Damage description". Network for flight safety. The Wikimedia Commons has got press on Aklak Air.

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The Aklak Air airplanes can land on almost any ground with bikes, skies, tundra tyres or swimmers. That' s why Aklak Air is one of a kind - its airplanes and crews are adapted to the kind of ground and meteorological conditions that can be found just off the coast of the 60'. Founded in 1977, Inuvialuit Development Corporation, an Aboriginal-owned business, recognized the need for secure and dependable air transportation in the region.

Not only has the airline been able to meet this need, but it has also created employment for many members of the Nordic community; today, 51 per cent of the business, collectively known as Aklak Air, is still Aboriginal-controlled. Today, the business has very similar origins in appearance and service. It is still on track and offers charter flights throughout the region, but after a JV with Kenn Borek Air LTD of Calgary was established in 1994, the name was renamed Aklak Inc.

More than forty years of expertise came with the new JV and the partners were in charge of getting most of the necessary permits, documentation, crews, drivers and service personnel into use. There have not been many changes in the business since the time of the fusion, except that Kenn Borek LTD could be called in for additional aircrafts and crews if called in.

Aklak Air expanded its charter fleets last year with a new Beech 1900D, which is well accepted by those who fly regular services. Beech 1900D is a bigger plane that can carry much more freight. Headquartered in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, the carrier operates regular services to Paulatuk, Sachs Harbor, Tuktoyaktuk and Ulukhaktok and a regular timetable to Fort McPherson.

It also provides a charterservice that can be deployed anywhere in the West Arktic. During the 1990-2000 oil and gas exploitation period, Aklak provisionally operated another Cambridge Bay airfield, which had a flight plan and charters. The Aklak Air is also in charge of the Madevac Northwest Territories area.

It has eight employees in administration and after sales services, all other employees are provided by Kenn Borek Air Ltd. External groups are also commissioned for Aklak's services. These are limited to smaller propellers as the aircraft are too light and require more runways.

However, in most cases there is no airstrip at the final destinations. As a rule, charters are dependent on whether the flight leader can end up on a pitch, an open dirt road or a level ground in the canopy. These landings require a specific undercarriage, such as the Twin Otter with tyres and a high quality bushwalker.

Some pilots are not qualified enough to judge the terrain for landings, or even qualified enough to be there. "If there is a wind gale and the aircraft is in the air, there may be no place to dock for a long period of flight, so passenger security is left to the pilot's ability.

It is remarkable that a windstorm that would close an Chicago airfield would only be a little trouble for the seasoned Aklak Air drivers, because this is their daily routine and the gear is adapted to the climat. Astonishing, under these circumstances, is the security records held by Aklak Air. Aklak Air is currently building a new facility to free the airline from hiring hangars.

The way in which the reliable enterprise adjusts to these new requirements will define its own futures. But Aklak Air is still at the border and every single one of these days seems to be a struggle with the economic situation and the increasing cost of petrol and accessories. Aklak Air offers air transport without streets and truly rescues life.

ALCLAK offers its clients a secure, dependable and cost-effective air transport to distant places.

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