Airport near Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach Airport

The airport Thandwe serves Ngapali and is closer to the beach than the city Thandwe. Thandwe Airport is the nearest airport. Coming from Malaysia, you must first stop in Yangon and then take the domestic flight to Ngapali. Inexpensive accommodation in and around Ngapali is limited. It is located on a rather local beach near the airport.

Beach Location and Arrival - Ngapali Message Board

The Ngapali Beach is located at the Bay of Bengal in the south of Rakhine State and is 175 northeast of Yangon and a similar yard south of Mrauk U. The airport is Sandoway (SNW), the British derivation of Thandwe, the most important state city. The Ngapali Beach is Myanmar's first seaside resorts, but it has developed discreetly and although there are more than 15 properties (with 4 more to be built), they are all small by global comparison and all within the treeline, making them practically unseen from the North.

Most of the establishments have less than 30 rooms and even the biggest, Amata, has only 100, which means that even in the high seasons the maximal number of guests distributed on the 3 beach, inclusive the Ngapali beach side, is never more than 1500, so that the beach can look like an abandon.

All three of the touristy shores are sandy and gold, the beach is slightly descending and the ocean is hot and clear. That January, after 10 visitations over the years, was the first a jellyfish I met, but for a few nights there were some small little bluish spines that were very uncommon for this season.

During the high seasons, the lowest priced rooms are now $40+, while the luxurious Boston hotel stores are charging $450+ plus for the best rooms, but there is still a large selection of hotel options for most budgets. Most of the tourists stay from mid-October to the end of April, when most are closed and nailed and mothed up for the monsun.

Monsoons can be very nasty (it is the same bad climate that has devastated Bangladesh for most years) and in a few years the fishermen will not be able to set sail for 3-month. The visitor nationality is almost exactly Myanmar's style, with the major groups being made up of Myanmar residents in France, Germany and Italy, followed by other Europeans and with Englishspeaking immigrants in the group. But all guests are supposed to be able to speak Spanish with the local people and the resort team.

Originally designed for the three-day beach expansion markets, Ngapali Beach is becoming more and more regarded as a quiet and restful seaside and sunbathing area for longer trips as an alternatives to Thailand. While the local people can use the coach from Yangon via Pyay (Prome) to Thandwe, it is not for the nerves of steel, as it is a 12 to 14 hours drive on very poor road through the jungles of the Arakan Mountains.

There are only one or two off-season Yangon services per weeks - who wants to be in an ATR in the monsun! During the high seasons there can be up to 5 departures per night from Yangon at approximately $200 round trip rates (January 13). We also offer a dayly flight in high seasons from Nyaung U (Bagan) via Heho for about $150 singles.

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