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Airnorth is a regional airline based at Darwin International Airport in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Find out about Airnorth Regional charges and the latest flight information. AAirnorth is a regional airline based in Darwin. Locate the best Airnorth Regional tickets, book your flight and fly with Airnorth Regional at the lowest cost. With Airnorth Regional, you get amazing discounts on airline ticket bookings.

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The Aircraft Logistics Engineering Department of Airnorth Group, an authorized Part 145 repair facility, has a 3,700 square meter facility at Darwin Airport. The Airnorth HQ at Darwin Airport. From September 1999, Airnorth carried out charter flights from Darwin to Dili on assignment from the United Nations Interim Administration in East Timor.

This became Airnorth's first ever round-trip with the Brasilias in 2000. Airnorth purchased the airline of South Australia (ASA) in October 2003 with the intent of progressively consolidating the two airlines and to operate under the Airnorth Air Operator's Certificate. Airnorth purchased the Emu Airways asset in March 2004 but in 2005 both ASA and Emu were divest.

Airnorth launched the Embraer E170, the airline's first jets, into its fleets in 2007. During 2012, it launched a non-stop flight between Darwin and Townsville, the first Australia carrier to provide a non-stop link between these towns. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development[21] Airnorth flights to and from Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory have been heavily criticized by many inhabitants and companies on the islands for the company's ad hoc cancellation and bad communication with the people who board.

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If we lose an entire vacation today because the plane was switched to a later date after 6 hrs at Airnorth Airport, we are too slow and have to await another 45 mins. We not only spent a whole vacation but also arrived in the darkness at nights.....

Airnorth services that return from Cairns to Toowoomba seem to be difficult with cancellations or long delay due to problems with the flight crew, such as downtime or sickness. As Airnorth does not operate from Cairns, there is no air crew stationed on a selective basis in Cairns like otherairns.

One of the cabins in this case...... Mélbourne.... One long week-end my plane from Melbourne to Toowoomba was canceled, but Airnorth did not inform the people. We' ve taken the necessary amount of money and we' ve taken the necessary amount of money to go to the airfield, just to wait in line for over an hours and be sent home or to a nearby city.

After all Airnorth brought us to Brisbane with another carrier..... Then I took a new case from Darwin to Cairns. Whilst the employee did her best, she had no support and had little information or instructions to give us. I am 1.80 m tall, I flew with these boys four time and they always found me a place with a little more legroom or put myself in a new one.

Pleasant personnel at check-in and on the boat. Pleasant personnel. Pleasant trip. The plane back was the same.

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