Airlines to Myanmar

Airports to Myanmar

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Booking services to Yangon, Myanmar (RGN)

You know, Yangon's like a slice ofade. It' s remarkably nice for the first-time visitors, albeit with some corners and corners, but it is tied to a complicated story that needs a sharp intellect to comprehend it. Now that the city's assets have skyrocketed, thanks to a million dollars in investments from outside Myanmar.

To put it bluntly, Yangon has a small instant. But Yangon has been closed off for several centuries and has become insulated from the big wide open globe, but has also become something that the other metropolitan areas of the area do not have. Shwedagon' s decorative pagoda is the city's gain, a row of gilded Buddha shrines, topped by a breathtaking 27-ton copper foil and decorated with thousand of precious stones and stones.

Far from the bustle of the inner town, the artificial Lake Inya is the place where the city's wealthy people stay. At one point, every Myanmar tourist was walking around Yangon and hanging on..... The Yangon Restaurant is open at 10am and is the ideal place for a relaxed Yangon breakfasts - try the mohinga pasta with spicy sauerkraut.

It is also open for lunches, dinners and everything in between. It is also open for people who love to spend the nights.

Visiting Myanmar

Myanmar has long been closed to the tourist market and offers the opportunity to see the amazing richness of the country's cultures and colours for the first and foremost. In a way, Myanmar can still seem like the uncharted Wild West, despite the daily growth of tourist companies. Yangon, Myanmar's first town, is a place where you can enjoy your week-long shopping spree by studying architectural art, enjoying pasta soup and curry, and visiting the breathtaking Shwedagon Pagoda and the huge Bogyoke Aung San Market.

Myanmar's numerous tea houses are full of local people who learn about the Chinese, Thai and Indian influences that make Myanmar's kitchen so special. The breathtaking plateaus are littered with more than 2,000 Buddhist monuments, most of which are Buddhist monasteries and Stupa (pagodas). Some of them have wonderful frescoes inside, but it is the views of the plain itself that are most impressive.

Ballooning is a way to see them. Lake Inle is a beautiful spectacle in the east of Myanmar: not only because of its tranquil seas, its swimming pools and stilt cottages, but also because of the special rowers' techniques used by Skyffs. You do not drive the canoes with your hands, but with your feet through the sea, and it is a one-of-a-kind spectacle.

The name Mandalay evokes a rather dreary picture, and beyond the hectic pace of the inner cities you will find tree-lined roads, theaters, churches and a multitude of handicraft businesses.

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