Airlines that Fly to Yangon

Flying airlines to Yangon

Best Rated Airlines for this route. The Himalayan Airlines flies Yangon. Get cheap airline tickets from Yangon to Jakarta. Yangon, Daweik, Myeik, Kaw Thaung. Booking your flight from Osaka (KIX) to Yangon (RGN).

Cheap flights from Malaysia Airlines to Yangon

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Himalayan Airlines flies Yangon

The Himalayan airlines are expanding their fleets in Burma's capitol Yangon from 24 February. Airlines will operate their first flights to Mingaladon International Airport Yangon from Tribhuwan International Airport Kathmandu on 24 February at 10:55 am. Our sources say the airlines agreed to increase their fleets at the beginning of this months after the addition of their narrow-body Airbus 320 to Yangon on 31 January.

Currently, none of the airlines fly directly from Nepal to Burma. It is also intended that the navy will act as a link for Nepal to develop good relations with Burma and help the nation expand its tourist industry. Both Nepal and Burma are a must for a worldwide trip.

The Himalayas have also agreed to boost the influx of tourists to the two touristic countries. Airlines only charge Nrs.35000/-* (including taxes) for the round voyage from Kathmandu to Yangon. The Himalayas currently connect Kathmandu with Doha, Colombo and Kula Lumpur with two Airbus A-320s.

From Yangon (RGN - Yangon Intl) to Jakarta (CGK - Soekarno Hatta International Airport)

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