Airline to Myanmar from Singapore

Air carrier from Singapore to Myanmar

Fly Jetstar on Yangoon to Singapore (RGN-SIN). Hongkong, Gaya, Bagan, Banmaw, Bangkok and Singapore. There are five good reasons to fly to Myanmar with Singapore Airlines:. Viswaiver demands more Singapore flights from Myanmar's flag carrier - TTG Asia. The seat width and legroom were good for a low-cost airline.

Booking Jetstar Flight Yangoon to Singapore

Looking for budget Jetstar services from Yangoon to Singapore for your next vacation? All you have to do is select from the great options and make your reservation with just a few mouse clicks. All you need to do is make a reservation. Alternatively, you can click on the following icons to get great fares on Yangoon and Singapore from anywhere and even research extra results and fares on the Yangoon - Singapore itinerary.

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Receive a warning when Mandalay to Singapore price drops. Singapur is 10 miles from Changi Airport (Singapore, Singapore). Currently 104 carriers are operating from Changi Airport. The Changi Airport has non-stop services to 139 towns. At least 6,338 round-trip services leave Changi Airport every city.

Flight to Yangon (RGN)

In 2006, Yangon was defeated as the capitol of Myanmar (that would be Naypyidaw), but the town is still the flapping centre of the state. The town is an addicting mixture of places of interest and noises, from high-rise houses to peddlers and even collective constructions. Shwedagon is the dominant landmark of the town and the first stop on every itinerary.

It is 2,500 years old - the oldest in the word - and attracts tourists from many different nations. Just do like the natives and go for a few long hrs just to unwind and watch some greatfolk. We continue from here to Chaukhtatgyi Paya, an imposing 65 metre long lying Buddha, which is a few minute wander.

At Bogyoke Aung San Market, you'll find over 2,000 stores offering a vast array of gifts and crafts, from lacquered goods and marionettes to Myanmar's ethnical minorities and just about anything you can imagine. Dining in Yangon is one of the greatest pastimes, as the kitchen was inspired by neighboring China, India and Thailand.

When you only have a few lessons in Yangon, the best thing to do is just get on the rail. The" Circle" lasts three hrs to circumnavigate the 46 km of the Yangon outskirts, cities and centre, with attractions ranging from the country cattle to the city's busy highways. Purchase your tickets at Yangon National Railway Station, an architectonic mish-mash that is an independent traveler' s paradise.

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