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Fares to Yangon Myanmar

Burma's bustling city is full of charming culture and history. Home- Flights - Asia-Pacific - To Myanmar; To Yangon. Booking flights to Yangon (RGN). Yangon to Kuala Lumpur flights with Myanmar Airways International.

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Burma et son ancienne capitale Yangon (anciennement Rangoon) sont devenus ces dernières années une nouvelle destination exotique. It is also highly recommended that you reserve a cheap hotel in Yangon together with your tickets, as a new destination can sometimes lead to room availability goulottlenecks in Yangon.

During the peak travel season from November to February there may be a shortage of rooms in Yangon. So you should reserve early if you have this time in mind. But also at other times of the year it is always advantageous to reserve the ticket about two to three months in advance.

She will send you an e-mail as soon as the price of the flight has changed. Cause there are no direct de l'Allemagne à Yangon, il n'y a pas de vols directs de l'Allemagne à Yangon. Les Popular airlines qui volent vers Yangon (avec une escale) sont les excellents Emirates, ainsi que Turkish Airlines, Thai, Qatar Airways, Oman Air et Vietnam Airlines.

However, you may also have to reckon with switching to another airline, e.g. Bangkok Airways or Myanmar National Airlines, at the stopover point. Yangon International Airport (IATA RGN) est situé à 15 km au nord du centre-ville près de la petite ville de Mingladon, d'où son nom.

Although a new terminal for international flights was opened in 2003, capacity is quite limited - a sign that the country's tourism industry is still in the development phase. For example, don't rely on the few ATMs in the arrival area actually working. You can reach the city by taxi within 20 to 30 minutes via a bumpy road.

A trip to the city center should cost about 3 to 4 euros. Selon Depending on veut croire quelle source, il y a supposément aussi une connexion de bus où le voyage ne coûte que quelques centimes. In our opinion you should forget this and decide for the taxi, which really does not cost the world and also delivers you directly to your hotel.

The main travel season for Yangon and Myanmar is the cooler season from November to February. The dry season from March to May is not recommended when it can be roaringly hot, often up to around 40 degrees. The monsoon season, which extends from June to October and during which heavy rainfall occurs almost daily, is suitable to a certain extent.

The climate in Myanmar is determined by the monsoon. In British colonial times, which did not end until 1948, Yangon was still called Rangoon and was the capital of Burma (later the country was renamed Myanmar and the capital was moved to Naypyidaw in 2005). D'autre on the other hand, however, this isolation also brought progress in the country to a standstill and preserved a great much of historic British colonial architecture in Yangon.

The city' s star attraction (and at the same time the most important religious site and national symbol of Myanmar) is the incredibly fairytale Buddhist temple complexe of the Shwedagon Pagoda in the heart of the city, the heart of the city, the oldest part of which is said to have been built in the 5th century BC. Even though the country has slowly become democratic and opened up to international tourism, progress is sluggish progress is sluggish.

Malgré Hotel et un restaurant et une scène de divertissement en lente expansion, Yangon manque encore beaucoup, surtout en termes d'infrastructure. So don't expect the Internets to be super-fast or mobile phone connections to function smoothly. But perhaps this still prevailing underdevelopment is what makes a visit so attractive, because you can still discover genuine markets and visit traditional crafts shops where you are not yet shamelessly pulled over the groins like in other tourist resorts.

You must apply for an e-visa before arriving in Myanmar. Prices and information are current as of November 2017 and are subject to change at any time at any time.

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