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Airlines review: Vanuatu Air Economics, Sydney to Port Vila

It' s a brief and pleasant trip to one of the luckiest places in the world, but it could be a little boring if you're not on your way. Sidney to Port Vila, Vanuatu. Economics, 4B. Six flights a day a week from Sydney to Port Vila and three flights a weeks from Brisbane (with a once per Week non-stop to and from Espiritu Santo).

During the year's high season Air Vanuatu offers a non-stop flight from Melbourne. The Boeing 737-800 has 170 passengers (162 economy- and eight business-class seats) and 29 rowed. Featuring a 3-3 seat design and neat legroom.

Sizes are 16.5 inch (41.91 cm) in Economics and 20.5 inch (52.07 cm) in Busines. The seating is 30 inch (76.2 cm) in the restaurant and 39 inch (99.06 cm) in the restaurant. The first and second tier are assigned to entertainers in Airline 1 and 2, while the third tier are economized with additional legroom.

The maximum weight of registered luggage and hand luggage in coach is 23kg. Up to 30 kg of hold luggage and two pieces of hand luggage of up to seven kg may be handed in by a passenger in accordance with the requirements of the International Classification. It allows travelers who travel together to bundle their free luggage when they are checking in together at the Aiport.

There' no custom monitors on this trip. You will probably see information video during the trip about what you can see and do in Vanuatu - on replay. Surprisingly, there is plenty of legroom so that the chair does not have to be brought into the erect one.

It is a midweek trip, in the mornings, which could ensure that the aircraft is not fully loaded. Once taken off, travellers help themselves in the free ranks, with the centre seating usually not used. When it comes to a brief trip, the services are effective and pleasant. The catering is effective, but not hasty, and the passenger patiently waits for the car to taxi down the passage.

In half an hours the catering is over and you can start your enjoyable journey to Port Vila. Eating in business is easy and enough to fill you up. The catering is effective, which is ideal for a brief trip. Travellers must inform the airlines or tour operators when making their reservations.

The company has provisionally cancelled pre-Cyclone Pam services, which in March 2015 damaged Bauerfield International Airport in Port Vila. On 16 March 2015, the carrier recommenced its services to the country's capitol, Vanuatu. Air Vanuatu entered into a new codeshare with Fiji Airways in April. It provides for seven weekly services between the two islands and provides its clients with code-share to and from Port Vila and interline capabilities from each airline's gatepost.

No bells and whistles on this brief but proper trip.

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