Air Travel to Myanmar

Flights to Myanmar

This is the largest airport in the country and has the longest runway in Southeast Asia. Naypyidaw International Airport (NYT) flights to Myanmar. Find and compare cheap flights to Myanmar. Passengers who cannot accept a perfect transit time for their flight may consider Air China Airlines' current offer. Find prices for Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Emirates and more.

Over to Myanmar from £273/?348!

Passengers who cannot agree to a prefect transition period for their journey may consider Air China Airlines' latest offers..... We can currently buy low-cost open-mouth air travel from Europe to Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town. There are the best value airfares from Spain or Paris and from Asia back to the most important German airfields (the best value on return to Frankfurt, but also to Düsseldorf or Munich), Budapest, Vienna, Lisbon, Italy, Paris or London.

You can get the lowest fares to Yangon for 273 Euro or 348 Euro! With a wealth of historical sites, many of the world' s greatest attractions and stunning sandy shores, Myanmar is generally regarded as the next top destinations in Southeast Asia. When you want to feel like a land that is not yet affected by classical forms of tourist activity, this could be a good occasion to do so.

For these low-cost Myanmar destinations, please search for October 2015 to March 2016. Air China's special offer sales are available for reservations until October 15, 2015 or until clearance is made. We' re also including a great way to see Myanmar and China all at once.

There are no extra charges when you book a multi-city ticket with a one-way ticket to London, see examples below: Examples of trip data (Madrid - Yangon - London, but should work for most routes). You will have a longer stay in China during your trip to Myanmar.

Seize the chance and come and visit China with a free of charge transiting permit (up to 72 hours), which you can get upon your arriving in China. If you want to test your connectivity from your home town, the simplest way is via Skyscanner. Air China bookings: Flight from Europe to Myanmar from £272/?348!

You would leave Madrid for Yangon on 20 February. You will be returning from Asia to London on 4 March 2016.

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