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Flights in Myanmar

Getting on a plane is the best way to explore Myanmar, especially when time is limited and you want a more comfortable experience. Birmingham Air KBZ now sells tickets online (interestingly not Asian Wings). Thailand Airways, Jet Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Air India are the airlines offering cheap airline tickets from India to Myanmar. Burma/Myanmar Flights : Online flight reservation in Myanmar/Burma, book flight ticket, fare, timetable. Booking Myanmar domestic flights online:

Getting to Myanmar by plane - Internal Flight

Getting on a plane is the best way to explore Myanmar, especially when your schedule is tight and you want a more comfort. In recent years, the volume of internal traffic has grown at a rapid pace with new carriers, new aircrafts and a larger airport distribution area. Though Myanmar's streets have been improving, it still is a long way to go on the streets.

Driving on the roads can be either slowly or bumpily. The railway journey is a little more attractive, as it offers a more relaxed way to see the wonderful scenery along the track. Flying is by far the most convenient and time-saving way to fly long routes. To get to Mandalay from Yangon, for example, it will take about an hour by airplane, 7 hrs by automobile and 15 hrs by railway.

In most cases, travellers would therefore choose to take a flight between the main locations. When you have more free and want to find a more attractive route, a cruise on the bluest highways is a good one. However, this is the slower way to get from Yangon to Mandalay - it will take about 3 working nights.

The majority of airline companies accept on-line payments by plastic cards and offer e-tickets. More reliable purchase of your ticket through a tourist agency at the same rate as the rate released. The operatives have all the airlines' timetables. They will be informed of all changes to your flights, provide you with the necessary information and help you plan your trip.

Occasionally, a few day before your scheduled departures, you can change or cancel your reservation, so confirm your schedule and take notice of any changes. Myanmar has three major multinational airfields - Yangon and Mandalay Airfields (RGN) and Naypyidaw Airfields (NYT). Further beloved German airfields are Bagan in Nyaung-U (NYU), Inle Lake in Heho (HEH) and Ngapali in Thandwe (SNW).

Besides the state-owned Myanmar Airways, several privately owned carriers operate national flights - not to be mistaken for Myanmar Airways International (MAI). International travellers choose to stay away from Myanmar Airways because of its bad security situation and Air Bagan, which still uses old planes. Even though some privately owned carriers have been implicated in some security matters in the past, there are few nowadays.

As new and advanced airplanes have been introduced, the standard of security has significantly increased. There is little choice between the different carriers in relation to standard. The majority of carriers have codeshare with other carriers, which means they can redeploy customers from different routes to a single one. If you have for example made a booking with Air Mandalay, your trip can be confirmed on an Air KBZ trip at a similar date.

The majority of German carriers operate the most important sights on a round trip. Airplanes are often stationed in Yangon. From Yangon at dusk they stop at about 3 airfields before heading back to Yangon for another one. At the end of the afternoons flight schedule, the planes will return to their home base in the early evenings to stay overnight.

Due to the small number of planes they take off from Yangon in the early mornings. From about 6 o'clock in the mornings, the planes take off every 5 minutes. The majority of our services go to Mandalay or Nyaung-U. While there are more choices on air and airline in the high seasons, the choice is quite restricted with fewer air and fewer out-of-seasons.

Since many carriers operate simultaneously on the same routes, the fares of the different carriers are very similar with a staff turnover of about 10-15%. It is much more secure to be in Yangon or Mandalay the overnight before the scheduled intercontinental flights to make sure you reach your next day's outing.

Internal departures can sometimes be slow due to bad meteorological condition, so don't miss your call. Since there are no departures signs at most airfields, it is a good option to remain near the gateways after check-in to await your call. A member of the company staff walks around and calls the number of the plane and the corresponding gate.

Watch your trajectory and then proceed to the entrance gates. Myanmar is available for tailor-made trips. The tour starts or ends in Yangon or Mandalay and lasts about 9 nights; visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

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