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Suchpreise für KLM, Thai Airways, Etihad Airways, China Airlines, Emirates, China Southern und andere. Cheap flights with Air China to Myanmar. There are no booking fees for fares and holiday packages on flights from Air China to Myanmar with Expedia. Myanmar Expedia offers flights to Myanmar for every traveller. See fares and ticket offers for flights from the USA to Yangon, Myanmar.

Travelling in Myanmar by plane

The reimbursement period is 1 year from the date of issuance. - Reduction for partly used ticket - Unused ticket can be refunded for a processing fee of 30 USD/sector/passenger - minimum 40 US dollars. Prices exclude US$/FEC 3,00 per industry.

There is a no-show fee of USD/FEC 20,00. The fee for both adults and children with the exception of small children is the same. -YQ = Insurance premium supplement of USD/FEC 3.00 per industry and per year. You will be asked to pay a $/FEC per industry per capita (except for toddlers).

It is possible for your local gasoline supplier to charge different rates to your aircraft. The above mentioned rates are without obligation and without previous announcement.

Increasing number of airlines intensifies the competitive situation on interna -tional routes

Quadrupling the number of Myanmar airline operations since 2010 has increased competitive pressure on the global air transport markets and reduced fares, the airline operator said. Twenty-two Myanmar airline lines now fly to Myanmar, nine national and 13 multinational lines, in comparison to a mere five that operated from 1948 to 2010.

This growth comes as Myanmar is preparing to stage the SEA Games and taking on the leadership of ASEAN, thus boosting flight demands to and from the state. There is also a great need for intercontinental travel due to the growth in the number of vacationers and Myanmar citizens traveling for educational, commercial or commercial purposes.

Myanmar Airways International (MAI) spokeswoman Daw Aye Mara Thar said: "Passengers pay attention to the fare and favour the less expensivelines. One Myanmar college graduate from Siam University in Bangkok said there was a prize contest between Golden Myanmar and AirAsia for the Bangkok - Yangon itinerary. "We have to review the prices of both carriers.

However, travelers on Myanmar routes have not profited equally from fares reductions and internal travel can be more costly than internal travel. A one-way from Yangon to Mandalay costs nearly $80, while travelers can buy a one-way from Yangon to Bangkok for $100.

The Ministry of Transport currently has no intention of allowing alien investments in indigenous airlines," said a Ministry of Civil Aviation representative: "There is no such thing as a scheme to allow investments internationally for national carriers, as there are now many national carriers." Daw Aye Mara Thar says German carriers are currently only profitable in the tourism sector, while the remainder of the year works at a deficit.

It' s not simple for carriers to develop, considering how many carriers now operate in Myanmar," she said. She said the airline companies are already getting ready to operate the Hanthawady international airport in the Bago region, which is scheduled to open in 2018. Failure to compete in the home markets also affects service, said U Myat Thu.

"Perhaps it will be possible for foreign investment in indigenous carriers in the future," he said. "As far as our customers are concerned, the more competitive the better. We are making a good return for us in the tourism sector, but we also have to cope with extra-seasonal loss. In the view of some carriers, personnel is a particular concern for those companies competing with the world.

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