Air Travel in Burma

Flights in Burma

Flying is by far the most comfortable and time-saving way to cover long distances. In most cases, travellers would therefore prefer to take a plane between the main destinations. The Yangon International Airport is Myanmar's busiest passenger facility. Passers-by travel to Myanmar mostly between the most important destinations such as: Burmese authorities are currently restricting travel between Myitkyina and Bhamo: travel to and between these two cities is by air only.

to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

There was one thing I didn't want to do, inside, going to Myanmar! It has seven registred domestic airlines: Name of the airline: Air Bagan; Air KBZ, Air Mandalay, Asian Wings, Golden Myanmar Airways; Myanmar Airways International and Yangon Airways. Unfortunately, the airline informed us that they had canceled our desired flights and their agents proposed to use KBZ instead.

One of Burma's five large privately held business aviation companies, the KBZ has been operating for three years: It also holds 80 percent of Myanmar Airways International and is part of a mine group. The KBZ had two events with its six aircraft: one aircraft rolled over a take-off and landing strip at Thandwe airport, and another was evaluated on the asphalt in Yangon after the bikes had superheated!

Most Myanmar carriers do not allow you to make reservations and payment on-line and require you to appoint an agents instead. CBZ is accepting Visa and Mastercard (many companies in Myanmar do not or only one card). After we were alerted about the irregular airline timetables in Mayanmar, we took a seat.

This KBZ operative moved from person to person, from desktop to desktop and made and received several telephone conversations on his mobile called. So we went to the café for a coffee, lay back and talked to a group of Aussie travellers (there were five of us on this flight). We soon pushed the people of Europe on another plane, and we wondered what would become of us.

It took 45 min. to mob the check-in desk again. So I went over to find the operative trying to buy onboard tickets for a new plane. Directly in front of him stood the Mister and his woman with their cards and sophisticated Board Cards. Surely our little boyfriend was the first to get a ticket.

Brilliant check-in assistant asked me if I had any baggage to take in. It seemed like the check-in procedure took seconds! Then they gave me a label with the inscription KBZ and two Board Cards and asked us to make "sit sit sit sit". These labels should help the flight attendants to know which aircraft you are on!

When we were in the lounges, we noticed that all the Myanmarans were" foreigners" from us and had walked through another gatehouse loung. that we were actually on a jet. Then an AirTC aircraft landed and our check-in representative came to pick us up and smiled.

This airplane (picture below) was an ATR with a back entrance. You' ll see our Stargate Operator behind me and the carrier label on the right side of my breast. Onboard we were greeted by a smile of a female stewardess who thoroughly examined our flight ticket, led us into the cab and presented us with a fresh towel.

It was almost full and the numbers on our board cards did not resemble empty seat. When we were puzzled, the cabin crew called: Talking to the people next to us, we found that the airplane was rerouted from its hut to Yangon to pick us up!

All local airlines in Myanmar seem to use the same aircraft type: the ATR-72, a 70-seat turbo-prop, which was first introduced to the market in January 1986. The toilet and galley are located in the back of the aircraft, where boarding is also possible. However, the cabin crew members were wearing colourful outfits. Participants gave a demo with a clear comment in both the UK and Burma.

Inspecting the aircraft to inspect baggage and safety harnesses, they ignored the electronic equipment to the full. And I was confused to see that the aircraft still had labels from their shipment on the safety harnesses! Participants presented a croissants packed lunch and a slice of biscuits with a selection of warm and cool drinks and The baggage was taken to the terminals glazed door on a trolley and manually discharged onto the bottom of the terminals.

Our bags were checked by an X-ray and our on-board ticket trailers were checked against the numbers on our bags before we could walk. It' s my evaluation: Some other Myanmar carriers have a three-star rate.

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