Air Ticket Yangon to Mandalay

Flight ticket Yangon to Mandalay

After Mandalay, Yangon is probably the most popular flight route in Myanmar. Schedules from Mandalay (MDL) to Yangon (RGN). From Yangon to Mandalay there are several trains daily. Mandalay timetable with Yangon Airways Yangon. Mandalay.

Fly from Yangon to Bangkok, Mandalay, Bagan, Heho, Thandwe and other cities.

Approximate cost of Mandalay to Yangon flight - Mandalay Forum

Hello - does anyone know a "typical" price for a passenger to travel to Mandalay Yangon? Or is it less expensive to make a return trip from Yangon to Mandalay than a return trip to Yangon or two one-way trips? I' m asking because my route takes me to Yangon, what looks like a huge amount of lost track of my travel times and my financial resources, because we have to go to Mandalay and then back to Yangon to get out there.

Perhaps better and less expensive, but just to go on a Mandalay trip there and just buy a one-way Mandalay to Yangon. There is nothing you could spare when purchasing Yangon-Mandalay & Mndly-Ygn as a round-trip ticket compared to the purchase of 2 one-way seats..... It makes more sense to just go to Mandalay, go there, then to Yangon and get away from Yangon.

Yeah, it's better to go to Mandalay. When you come from Bangkok, it's simple. From a logistical point of view it is better to take Thai airlines to Yangon (I can use mileage for the ticket), so we would have to leave Mandalay for our next stop - Kolkata.

As I see Air Asia has connections to Bangkok, then Bangkok to Kolkata (ccu), but their website doesn't let me take this trip on a route. Bgk-Kolkata Airfare is past middle night, so you will have a lot of free air travel from Mndly-Bgk with them to go out through this immigration/check-in/immigration back into business again.....

We have most of the morning to see us and as you said, a lot of checking in for our mdysail. This seems to be better than to fly for the flight back from MVY to Ign and then another airline PNG to BCK or the other terminal to SCU.

Thanks a lot! yep, agree...Mndly-Bgk-Kol with AA is better (and cheaper) than fly Mndly-Yangon-Bgk-Kolkata..... There' s a knee fly to Myanmar, but it's more costly and starts early in the morning from Yangon. I would rather take the planes to Asia, even with a link, so that we have more in Mandalay....I would do / do the same...

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