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Maulmyine (Myanmar) Flights: Prices for Maulmyine, Maulmyine flight reservations, ticket sales at Maulmyine flight prices. National airfare in Myanmar and verification as well. - The Burma Message Board

National airfare in Myanmar and verification as well. In recent years, the growth of the tourist industry and the economy has led to new carriers, new airplanes and a larger local area. The ATR72 is the perfect workhorse for many of the remote locations flown to by small ex-WW2 airports.

There are only 3 airfields, Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw are fully catered for. You also own Myanmar Airways ltd, which operates the Airbus A 319 and A 320 on intercontinental services. Each airline operates an online ticket system, pays by credit cards and immediately receives e-tickets. Some of the following are currently not in operation and their planes are in stock.

They are all full serviced carriers with prices inclusive of 20k hold baggage, 7k carry-on baggage and beverages and refreshments. Myanmar is not inexpensive, a little like a merry-go-round, with many carriers that fly the same route/timekeeping at similar prices. Overweight baggage can be cheaper - at Air KBZ I was billed $1 per kg, possibly down to 50 Cent per kg because I wore a Myanmar banner insigna!

Many of the carriers allow you to make reservations online, make payments by bank transfer and immediately get an e-ticket. Please be aware that not all carriers publish their flight plans and fares for 330 nights, which is the standard for the aviation world. A number of carriers do not announce their flight plans from September to March until May of the same year.

Some online agencies (Oway/irmyanmar etc.) provide a reservation services, but I have found out that their flight plans are not always online, only with selected carriers and the saving is not big. Using a Myanmar agent for your travel arrangements you will probably find that airfares are lower and you can save.

Don't use online agencies such as Skyscanner/Google to make ticket bookings. Deployed in Yangon, the planes take off at daybreak for their dairy run and may stop at 3 or 4 airport stops before heading back to Yangon in the early hours of the day to take a new route. They' re all going back to their home bases on early soirées.

There are at least six departures to Nyaung-U (Bagan) on a normal early mornings, in the hours after 6 a.m., many go to Mandalay and on to other locations. If you are booked by an agent, you will be informed, and if you contact the carrier directly, you will be notified by e-mail.

I' ve travelled with most of the major airline companies. The last 10 of my last sector were Myanmar National Airways and Air KBZ.

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