Air Ticket from Yangon to Bagan

Flight ticket from Yangon to Bagan

By plane from Yangon airport to Bagan. Below is our information for transportation from Yangon to Bagan. Bagan Airport is Nyaung U Airport in the Nyaung U region. Find Yangon flights with China Airlines, China Eastern, Air China and more. Get ready for your trip to Myanmar.

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Receive a warning if Yangon (Rangoon) fall to U Yangon High. The nearest large airfield to Namibia is Namibia U. Currently 7 carriers are operating from Nyaung-u Aiport. There are non-stop services to 4 towns at Nyaung-u International Airports. At least 53 internal departures per weeks from Nyaung-u International Airfield.

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In this way I am planning to spend 1 full working week in Yangon and 2 in Bagan (by plane to conserve time). Is there anyone who can provide information on the timetable, security and punctuality of the airlines operating the Yangon-Bagan line? Since I will be travelling at the beginning of the holiday period, it is important to increase the dependability of the services in order to minimise the chance of me losing my long-haul Yangon flights at the end of the itinerary.

I' ve checked the Air Bagan website, but it is loading very slow and I can't find out what the target town is because I can't see Bagan as a target location. Each of the company's domestic carriers station their planes in Yangon over night and depart early in the mornings.

I' ll be in Yangon at 8.50 a.m. on Saturday and wanted to drive right through to Bagan. I' m informed by a retailer that the best connection would take off at 2 pm. Arrival in Bagan at 5 pm. 100 hours (i.e. 3 hours flight!).

However, the trip from Bagan to Yagoon would only take 1.5 hours. I' m not sure what the home airline's resident agents are all about. The most airlines operate flights to Naungu (airport for Bagan) and if it is a one-way from Yangon, it usually lasts 1 hr 20 mins.

However, if the plane goes via Mandalay or Heho (airport for Naungshwe & Inle), it may take longer. Back from Bagan, Air KBZ & Yangon Airways have departures from 8. 40 and arrival in Yangon 10 am (Yangon Airways) or 11 am. Most of the other air services leave Bagan in the afternoon.

Since I don't know what date or what hour is for your Yangon trip, however, I can only recommend having at least a full night or a full night in Yangon after your return from Bagan. From Yangon to Bagan flights are Air Bagan, Air Mandaly, Air KBZ, Yangon Airways and AYWings. Departures in the mornings and in the afternoons.

They' re flown every day. You just try to clear this up with the locals. Checking Air Mandalay, I came on and saw "Submit Booking Request" on air, so I have the feeling that they still use the classical ticket on printed music. It seems all the advices here are to use a landline agents for air travel and hotel and a new note says they still use handwritten stationery ticket.

You' re serious about them using handprinted cards? I sound like I'm sellin' a ticket. Burma is like no other county - air travel passes are typed by handwriting, the web is interactive and your cell only works if you buy a locally availableIM. There was a female traveller moaning that she couldn't load a book on her lighter in Bagan, my beast!

The majority of cabs are on the right-hand side and if you saw the busses, you would see why there is no airport/city transport. and from the capitals, the power is interrupted by power from batteries depending on the hotel. I am not astonished about right-hand steering, as I think many nations are like that.

As you said "most cabs are right-hand drive", I think some cabs are left-handed. You will then have to make an importer from a neighbouring state. Most of the neighbouring states in SE Asia are on the lefthand side, with a right-hand driven vehicle (India, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc.) and I think Korea/Japan is where the imported goods come from second source.

Burma, as it was then, was moving on the lefthand side until the deceased man named V Win, after consultation with his Nats, chose to move the land to the right, despite the fact that all cars in the land were right-hand driven and most of his neighbours (except the former French colonies) were on the lhs.

Up until recently, only the generals' friends could have afforded to buy the blackmailing bribes (sorry fee) to buy a new left-hand driven vehicle - usually an SUC.

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