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Seychelles will focus on developing its domestic and regional flights to Mauritius, Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi and Mumbai. Locate the best Air Seychelles tickets, book your flight and fly with Air Seychelles at the lowest cost. Seychelles Air offers amazing discounts on airline ticket bookings. Fly to Seychelles with Air Seychelles. Air travel information for the Seychelles.

Paris, Madagascar flight, Air Seychelles leaves Paris, realignment to the home markets

From 24 April, Air Seychelles will discontinue all services to Paris, the main city of France and Antananarivo, Madagascar. The British Airways airline is scheduled to commence operations in the Seychelles in March. "This is a big challange for the business, as Paris is about 30 per cent of our entire passengers in the Seychelles," said Althuis.

Flights to Antanananarivo are cancelled because of the high dependency on Parisian food. In addition, Air Seychelles will cease to lease two Airbus A330s. "This has been a tough decision for us, but it is necessary if Air Seychelles is to remain serving the Seychelles' peoples and economies in a way that is both lucrative and sustainable," Althuis said.

Over the next few month, the airlines will be working in close cooperation with the Supervisory Board, Etihad Airways and the Seychelles Government to maintain as many positions as possible and support employees. Seychelles will focus on the development of its internal and international services to Mauritius, Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi and Mumbai.

"This will allow us to remain focused on more lucrative businesses, while allowing Seychelles' residents uninterrupted entry to France and Europe through carriers that can work more efficiently internationally than Air Seychelles," said Althuis. It will also be concentrating on internal routes, especially between Mahe and Praslin, sightseeing and chartering.

Seychelles will also reinforce non-airline services, including groundhandling, freight forwarding and civil and structural services. By 2019, the carrier will be replacing its Airbus Airbus Regional Aircraft Jet Aircraft fleets with next-generation narrowbody aircraft to enhance Air Seychelles' competitiveness.

Seychelles Air Dismissed 150

The Seychelles News Agency reports that Air Seychelles (HM, Mahé) plans to lay off 174 staff, among them nearly 100 aircraft crews, as part of the reorganization measures in the course of the turmoil within the Etihad Aviation Group, the biggest owner of Seychellois Airlines, following the downfall of Air Berlin, as well as to lay off Alitalia's finances and increasing interna -tional competitors.

This new dismissal scheme was unveiled at the National Assembly by the Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine Maurice Loustau-Lalanne. The members of the opposing party demanded that the dismissals be postponed until an accord with the trade union. Seychelles will also end the employment of another 28 vacancies without recruiting new people.

This affects almost a quarter of the airline's current 800 or so staff. We should recall that the company had already indicated that it would discontinue its last long distance flight to Paris CDG on 28 April and hand back its two A330-200s to AerCap. In the future, Air Seychelles will focus on expanding its national business and on offering local services from Mahé to Masterton, Johannesburg O.R. Tambo, Abu Dhabi Int'l and Mumbai Int'l.

It will also try to further improve its groundhandling and loading facilities.

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