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Cross-check Air Nostrum fares with other airlines. View Air Nostrum flights, routes, maps, prices per month and find the cheapest flights. As a franchisee of Iberia, Air Nostrum is a member of the Oneworld Alliance. Newest tweets from AIR NOSTRUM L.A.

M. (@AirNostrumLAM). The Air Nostrum, Líneas Aéreas del Mediterráneo S.A. Quart de Poblet-Valencia.

Nostrum Air

As a franchisee of Iberia, Air Nostrum is a member of the Oneworld Alliance. The company runs a route system of 115 national and interna-tional lines, which carry 4.3 million people a year. We also offer air charters. Excellent client services, excellent workmanship, large scale and sound finances make Air Nostrum the leader in the local air transport industry in Spain and one of the biggest European airlines in the region.


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Nostrum Madrid AirporTerminal

There is a check-in counter at the terminal: Buisness classes (Iberia): Kiosks may differ according to the needs of the area. Automatic check-in: The Air Nostrum has self-handling terminals for checking and printing your boarding card. You are next to the check-in counter. Flight connection: The Air Nostrum has information desk at the T4 terminal T41, the H and K entrance areas. Air Nostrum luggage handlers: T4 terminals T0, luggage receiving area 10 and T4 terminals T0, luggage receiving area.

The OACI is Air Nostrum's code: AERO Nostrum is the premier Spanish air carrier and operating as an independent franchiser of Iberia local services. The airline is operated via codesharing services IC8000 to IB8999, creating a net of national and intercontinental short-haul services. 1997 Air Nostrum concludes a franchising contract with Iberia under which all its services are sold under the trademark "Iberia Régional Air Nostrum, Léneas Aéreas del Mediterráneo; S.A.".

Iberia Regional Air Nostrum is Iberia' s sole franchisor, making it the biggest Spanish air carrier in Spain. The airline also provides intercontinental short-haul services. Air Nostrum has more mid- and long-haul destination on longer distance routes.....

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