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The national carrier of Papua New Guinea, Air Niugini connects the capitol Port Moresby with the main Pacific Asian towns and serves 20 PNG domestic and international airports. It offers regular services from Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Tokyo, Denpasar, Honiara, Port Vila, Nadi, Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney. There are a wide range of comfortable routes from Europe and the UK at competitive rates.

The Executive Club is Air Niugini's lounges and associated amenities. Membership of the Greecard offers all the advantages of Bluecard membership as well as additional advantages such as access to the Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Manila, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong lounges. More than half a million China was spent on each Kadett Engineers to be educated to a standard where they can attest the conclusion of the Air Niugini aircraft overhaul.

Every year Air Niugini takes education seriously and invests a great deal in the education of its employees, as well as its cadets and aviators. Express Freight Management (EFM) has assumed full responsibilty as freight broker for Papua New Guinea's domestic carrier Air Niugini at Henderson International airport in Honiara.

Air Niugini Cargo Limited General Manager Gus Kraus and Branch Manager of Express Free Management (SI) Limited (EFM), Jebs Benito, announced last weekend in Honiara. The two men are confident that this agreement will further stimulate air transport operations and operations in Honiara. Underpinning the agreement are up to five Air Niugini weekly departures from Port Moresby to Honiara, coupled with distribution and commercial operations at highly competetive airfares.

As part of this agreement, EFM will pick up all Air Niugini freight from Solomon Airlines and take it to its customs depot near the city, making it easy for the customer to pick up/delivery instead of going to the terminal. There are many international flights to Air Niugini, providing all air travelers with an economical and secure level of airfare.

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