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The Nauru Air Corporation, which operates under the name Nauru Airlines, is the airline of the Republic of Nauru. About Nauru Airlines / Our airline / Air Nauru flight schedule from Brisbane, Australia, to Nauru, Majuro, Tarawa and Fiji. Chief Executive Officer announcement - Nauru Air Corporation. Booking flights with Nauru Airlines. Find out about Nauru Airlines fees and the latest flight information.

Central Pacific Airlines,

When I came to Nauru Airlines, I worked for many years in Australian and international aeronautical organizations such as Qantas, Philippine Airlines and Aer Lingus in Ireland. And I look forward to using my experience in these organizations to guide Nauru Airlines in the further expansion of our networks and our service. It is our quest to link Nauru to the rest of the Earth.

Currently we operate both cargo and cargo flights between Nauru and Australia, Kiribati, Fiji, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and the Solomon Islands. Our ultimate goal is to be the Pacific's premier carrier, providing every client with the Nauru people. Nauru's corporate identity is unbelievably nurturing and we have made every aspect of our client experiences a reflection of that.

Not only do we share Nauru's unparalleled nature and beautiful nature with our travellers, we also believe that it is our duty to help in the evolution and expansion of Nauru. Because our organization is located in both Nauru and Australia, we see this as an excellent occasion to maintain a strong bond between Australia and the Pacific area.

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The first Fokker F28 Fellowship Twinship, which was founded on September 17, 1969 as Air Nauru[4] and was launched on February 14, 1970 with an experiment between Nauru and Brisbane with a Dassault Falcon 20 aircraft on charter, recorded in VH-BIZ[5][6] Routine flights were launched after the first Fokker F28 Fellowship Twinship Jets, recorded as C2-RN1[5] (a second Fellowship, C2-RN2, was later also put into service).

One Boeing 737-200 (C2-RN3) was added to the aircraft fleets in 1975[7] and one Boeing 727-100 (C2-RN4) was put into operation on 16 June 1976[8] Later in the 70s, the two fellowships were divested to Air Niugini and further Boeings were added to the group. At the beginning of the 90s, an Air Nauru 737 was hired to serve the Niue Airlines Auckland-Niue flight, the company's only flight services.

All of Nauru Airlines is now state-owned and employed 65 people in July 2012[1] On November 26, 2007, the company started its new website and onlinebooking.

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