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Cathay Dragon - Malindo Air - Malaysia Airlines - Singapore Airlines. View Myanmar Airways International flights, routes, maps, prices per month and find the cheapest flights. In Myanmar, GSM travel has listed details and contact information of international airlines. To book a flight ticket for you, please contact us. Twenty international routes cross Myanmar's airspace.

MAY Airlines is the best possible customer care. - Travel Reports - Myanmar Airways International

I' ve travelled 38 flights in MAY airways so far from Singapore to Yangon, it's one of my favourite carriers in this area. Dinner was carrier-grade, kind of sucks. Had the low-calorie diets on the plane, that dinner was quite terrible. For the last 6 years I have been flying MAI to Singapore and Malaysia.

The MAI air was the most pleasant (least painful) of these carriers.

Myanmar DCA: Homepage

Communications, Navigations and Surveillance (CNS), Aeronautical Information Service (AIS), Search and Rescue (SAR), Aeronautical Meteorology Service (MET), Flight Procedure Design (PANS-OPS) and Aeronautical Charts (MAP) within Yangon FIR and Myanmar Air Space, to which Myanmar has been assigned under ICAO approval under domestic and international conventions. An important task of the DCA is to provide 24-hour air services and guidance for all Myanmar air space operations, up to and including Myanmar international airspace.

Twenty international air lanes pass through Myanmar's air space. All of these operations are controlled by the Area Controller, while the arrival and departure controls are carried out by the tower at the airport. ATC is very important because it provides the plane with important information to prevent collision and crash during take-off and landings.

Investigate or review the ATC incident analysis of ATC; monitor the evolution and deployment of text messages by the ATC; For international air services regularly flown by international air carriers to or in transit through the Republic of Myanmar, the following conditions must be met: State of the carrier must be a signatory to the International Aviation Convention and/or the International Aviation Convention, the Republic of Myanmar being a signatory to both agreements; the carrier must be entitled to fly under a reciprocal or multi-lateral arrangement to which the State of the carrier and the Republic of Myanmar are a signatory and must have a licence to conduct operations in or through the Republic of Myanmar.

DCA H.Q. Building, Yangon International Airport, Yangon 11021, Myanmar. ASSOCIATION: VYYYYY, airlines that wish to fly as scheduled airlines must file their request with flight fleets chartered, contacts, postal addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers and e-mail addresses; changes must be reported in advanced, ideally one months, and addressed to the Director General, Civil Aviation Division.

Turbulence stableness; frequency of travel; other elements are considered approvable. Airlines that already have an authorised regular service must be notified one months before the end of the service if the end of the service becomes known. Burma has 2 planned round-trips, summer and winter.

The extension should be made at least one months in advanced. This is also done at least one months in advanced. Every alteration of the state of the vessel should be communicated together with the alteration of the postal and telephone addresses, facsimile numbers, etc., when the planned lifecycle is renewed. The name of the carrier and the postal/invoice addresses; plane model and number; full route with point of origin, point of arrival, date and hour of crossing; reason for crossing (passenger or cargo) or cargo, if cargo and cargo, to declaration cargo / cargo; recipient / sender or hirer; point of liaison, telephone number, facsimile number, e-mail-adress ( ), SITA-adress (), AFTN-adress (), if applicable).

Where an air carrier is planning to conduct an unscheduled grounding or a number of operations, the requirements are the same as for an aerial overlay, but with the following additional information. You have to apply for a 14 day notice to land. In case freight charters, types and types of freight are to be claimed together with the consignee/sender, an application for permit to overfly can be made on weekly basis 7 or 9 working weekends before.

Mandalay International Airport and other local airport (no accommodation ) can land 14 nights in advance and 21 nights in the event of an emergency. the operator must provide the invoice addresses for each application for overflights. the permit to land or fly over the airport for the purpose of diplomacy must be issued by means of diplomacy, i.e. through the consulate.

for the included air travel cruise charters ("package tour"), the request for the permit to land must be made either by the travel operator or the respective travel agency within 45 working days the VFR permit must be obtained within 14 working days and the request for the permit to land within 21 working day; the agencies working on the request of the airline companies must contact the closest international NOTAM office of the civil aviation authority in question to check the current status.

Authorization to touch down at Yangon International Airport must be given within 7 workdays. Authorisation to arrive at another aerodrome must be given 14 working nights in advanced. Prerequisites for personal travel for the purposes of evacuating to or from Myanmar must be met, provided the following information is provided in the application.

The name and home number of the sponsors on site / telephone / facsimile number; information on the patients such as name, illness, old-age, current treating clinic, treating physician, organisation of the patients; airplane operators, postal addresses, airplane types and registrations, timetable / date/time; highest precedence for this trip. Diplomacy flights should be conducted through diplomacy.

Applying through the Department of Civil Aviation Myanmar is accepted, but the Foreign Ministry should be notified. The Myanmar Civil Aviation Requirements (MCAR) in connection with the Aviation Safety Department since October 1, 2013:

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