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The majority of flights are offered by Thai airlines such as Thai Airways, Thai Smile, Bangkok Airways, Thai AirAsia, Thai Lion Mentari and Nok Air. SIKAir is the regional wing of Singapore Airlines. Discover Asia with discounted Myanmar fares This is because we offer you the best value flight to Myanmar. Burma has a hundred things to do and places of interest that we suggest. By booking a flight to Myanmar with us, you have also recruited a dedicated expert staff to help you secure the holiday of a life time.

We' re the one-stop store for all your travelling needs, so get your suitcases packed and make your Myanmar flights today. Myanmar is even more attractive due to the city' s natural beauties. Adventures, eating, cities or the outdoors - the choices are yours. There are so many ways to fly to Myanmar, you should choose one of these towns to start your adventures.

Once you book your Myanmar trip, the true pleasure of scheduling begins. Explore some of these stunning towns and you'll be there in no time. In this sense, we have some astonishing Myanmar flights to certain counties to help you select your particular travel destinations. The Myanmar air fares save you the trouble of getting a great fare and focus on your money saving.


The Myanmar National Airline is the Myanmar flagship and one of the oldest carriers in Asia. There are 32 Myanmar National Airline flights to 4 different nationalities. Most of the routes consist of local routes, including Kawthaung in the south, Putao in the north, Sittwe in the west and Tachilek in the east.

Yangon to Pathein flights to Myanmar Airways

Burma Airways has opened a new flight from Yangon to Pathein, the Ayeyarwady region's main city, and the gate to Ngwe Saung Beach. The flights leave every Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the fares begin at US$ 55 per direct. The city of Pathein is an important harbour city on the west side of the Ayeyarwady river deltas, on the Pathein river, 190 km from Yangon.

It and its international airports are also the gate to Ngwe Saung Bay (picture above), famous for its unspoilt sandy and unspoilt sandy shores. The Ngwe Saung is about an hour's drive from Pathein International Park. Click here for trips to Pathein and the untouched Ngwe Saung sands.

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