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Domestic Air Myanmar

All visitors require a valid passport with a Myanmar entry visa. Burma has a number of domestic airlines that are comparable in quality, service, schedule and price. A detailed guide to air travel in Myanmar can be found here. A few basic information you should know about Myanmar Domestic Flights: Flights operate between the major domestic cities in four airlines in Burma, including Air Bagan, Burma Airway, Yangon Airways and Air Mandalay.

Domestic flight in Myanmar

Visitor must have a Myanmar travel document. Visiting a country abroad, we recommend a minimum of six month period. You can apply for an entrance to Myanmar at any embassy or consulate general in Myanmar in the world. There are two kinds of Myanmar's government permits for international visitors:

EGT visas (tourist visas) - visas for tourists for a period of up to 28 nights in the state. These visas are approximately $20 per capita. The BUSINESS Visas - One or more visas for people currently working under Myanmar contracts (renewable). On-line visas - Available to tourists.

Myanmar Visa On Arrival (MVOA) VISA - Available for business travelers. Please consult your local Myanmar embassy or one of our representatives for more information on Myanmar visa requirements. In addition to individual items, the visitor can buy 400 smokes (100 100 smokes or 250 grams of rolled tobacco), two litres of alcohol and 500 ml of eau de toilette or aroma.

Jewellery and electronic items such as cameras, radios, cassette/CD players, pocket computers, etc. must be registered at customs on your return and picked up on your return. In addition, you must declare currencies over USD 2,000. Travel to Myanmar does not require inoculation. Some Myanmar cabs are available, so fares must be negotiated before getting into a cab.

Myanmar's native money is Kyat (pronounced'chaat') and is subdivided into Pyas 100. It is strongly recommended that international guests provide enough US dollar in bar. Travelers cheques and other forms of foreigncurrency are not recommended, as they are hard and time-consuming to use. It is recommended to contact the hotel or agency directly before your arrival.

Domestic flights in Myanmar - Myanmar Tours

As Myanmar turns out to be an impressive touristic hot spot, it has become the standard that an increased flow of tourists flies to Myanmar to discover the state. If you are traveling to Myanmar, here is a brief overview of the domestic carriers in Myanmar. Burma has a number of domestic carriers that are similar in terms of airlines' airlines' airlines, services, schedules and prices.

The Myanmar carrier established in 2004 offers services to 20 locations that include several major cities around the world. The acronym KBZ stands for Kanbawza Banks - a privately owned banking company with its own airlines. The first operations of this carrier took place in 2011 and it serves 15 domestic airports.

In addition to Air KBZ, Asian Wings Airways is another major newcomer to the domestic aviation sector. Asia Wings Airways has made great efforts to realize its motto'Fly Beyond your dreams' and to offer the best service to you. Asian Wings Airway was awarded an Air Nippon upgrade in 2013 with a significant number of domestic routes to 22 domestic destination.

The first domestic carrier in the state to be established in 1994. Under the slogan "Safety, reliability and comfort" the oldest domestic carrier consists of a float of two ATR-72-212 and one ATR 42-320 with a number of services to 11 cities. Myanmar Airways was established in 1948 and is the state' s largest carrier with a global network of 12 aircraft.

Yangon Airway was established in 1996 with a float of only three ATR 212 flying to 11 locations with the motto "You're save with us". It is the newest established carrier in Myanmar. Golden Myanmar Airlines is a low-cost carrier that has been working with the slogan "Every single working days we do is for your satisfaction" since 2012.

There are more domestic flights between Mandalay and Yangon and they are flying two Airbus A320s on an international basis.

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