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Freight by air and sea to and from Myanmar. View contact information and details about Nok Air Myanmar. Burma Airway International, Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways, Air Bagan, etc. It is also the first local airline to invest in training pilots locally.

Burma Air: no on-line check-in & connection - Myanmar Forum

I am considering to book a plane from Vientiane to Mandalay via Suvarnabumi Airport in Bangkok. VTE-BKK with Bangkok Air at 12:55, BKK-MDL with Myanmar Air at 14:30. I' m traveling with baggage lightweight (hand luggage only), so I think this is enough to make my connections, but I'm worried that I won't be able to arrive in good timeframe for an intern.

And while Bangkok Airlines is reaching Hall G, I'm not sure where Myanmar Air is if there's a lateness in my VTE-BKK legs, I'd probably miss my VTE. So, what do you think this trip is possible? Another much simpler way is another trip with the same carrier, perhaps TGA2571, which is connected with TGA305 with a little more than 3 hrs in BKK-service.

If there is a Bangkok Air service, why not try one? I' ll take care of the Bangkok line.....

Air Asia in discussions to establish an air carrier in Myanmar

In addition to India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan and Thailand, AirAsia now has business in Malaysia - its home country - and is planning to establish an air carrier in China. Myanmar has also been investigated by a number of corporations for its slow opening policies to overseas investments and fast growing economy, despite last year's rejection by Japanese ANA Holdings Inc. of a scheme to establish an air carrier with its domestic affiliate Golden Sky World after the government declined its request.

"There won't be a big carrier there because the air traffic facilities aren't in place. However, it is 50 million and it will evolve over time," said Mr Ferandes, who was in Sydney this week-end for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) ten-meet. But he didn't name the prospective mate.

Commentaries come as AirAsia emerged from a time of turmoil after being plagued by anxieties that had overrun it itself, causing a prolonged drop in its stock. It also had to contend with the deadly collapse of an Indonesian plane in 2014, which claimed 162 lives. Recently, AirAsia has been pursuing an ³casset light³d approach and has formed a JV for its groundhandling activities in Singapore and Malaysia. 182 aircraft will be handed over to the incumbent lease management company BBAM Ltd. in a phased sale transaction this time.

He was in Hong Kong to launching a "We're more than an airline" collective which he was to present to the Asia Investment Conference of Credit Suisse. Air Asia has pushed ahead with the introduction of value-added service solutions for its more than 80 million clients, ranging from finance products, incl. currency, to e-commerce and entertainment in the market.

"While South East Asia corporations like the South East Asia-based ( "Indonesian Royal Horse Hockey Company") have to pay a fortune to develop this mark and information, every year we have 89 million clients who travel with us, and we have information that goes back 18 years.

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