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The Air Moldova is the Moldova Republic's domestic carrier based at Chi?in?u 1 ] It mainly serves regular and charters flights to European airports from its main hub at Chi?in?u International Airport. Air Moldova's origins date back to September 19, 1944, when the first Po-2 airlift assembly entered Chi?in?u and the Moldavian Independent Squadron was founded.

In addition to fifteen Po-2 double-decker planes flying on land and used in agriculture, two Li-2 planes were also deployed on routes to Moscow, some towns in Ukraine and the Black Sea and Caucasus holiday destinations. Significant progress was made in the 1960' in the evolution of the Moldovan aviation sector.

At the beginning of the last century, a new airfield in Chi?in?u, which can house aeroplanes for combined cycle engines, was opened. In 1965 the company became a civil aviation authority and new Antonov An-10, An-12 and An-24 airplanes extended its fleets. There have been scheduled services to many USSR towns and the transport of fruit and vegetable from Moldova to the USSR's major industry centres.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the most important flight paths of the Republic of Moldova were characterised by the arrival of jets. Tupolev Tu-134, the first twin-engine commercial airplane, was put into operation in Moldova in 1971 and became the company's most important airplane model, the number of which increased up to a time of 26.

There was even a trade unions test base for airplanes of this kind in Chi?in?u. In 1972 the Yakovlev Yak-42 three-engine local plane was added to the company's existing fleets, and in 1974 the An-26 turbo-prop freighter. By the mid-eighties, the Moldovan plants had ten large Tupolev Tu-154 tri-jet airplanes, which promoted the further growth of Moldovan air transport.

Moldovan planes were flying to 73 USSR towns and carrying over 1,000,000 people a year. 1990 the first internacional road between Chi?in?u and Frankfurt was opened. It was founded in 1993[2] on the base of the Aeroflot group. From the very beginning, the company's endeavours have been focused on integrating into the global air transport markets and complying with the latest high-end carrier quality assurance and quality assurance systems.

Since 1999 Air Moldova has been a member of the Air Moldova Executive Committee Enhancement Programme. Air Moldova closed three services to Bucharest, Kiev and Sochi in February 2015 as the agreement with Tandem Aero, which it was operating on Air Moldova's behalf, was terminated. From Chi?in?u International Airport Air Moldova flies to several major cities in Europe, as well as other season and charters to Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and London.

It has code-share arrangements with the following carriers (as of March 2018): Ambraer has secured a fixed order with Air Moldova for 2 Embraer 190 single category jetliners. Contracts contained the right to buy another airplane. The third Embraer 190 (manufactured in 2009 and previously run by Lufthansa and Borajet) was added to the Lufthansa Jet Aviation Group in 2016.

Up to now the Air Moldova fleets were as follows:: Air Moldova Embraer leases 120 and 145 airplanes in 2001. Tupolev Tu-134 carried out more frequent services to Moscow and Istanbul when the second Airbus sailed. Air Moldova has in the past charters a Cirrus Airlines Boeing 737-500, Moldavian Airlines Fokker 100, a Balgarian Air VIA A 320, Jet Tran Air MD81/82 and a Khors Air MD82 as a substitute.

Yak-40 was replacing the Embraer EMB-120 (e.g. to Prague or Vienna) when the plane was in service. Global Airline Guide 2017 (Part One). All Moldova Filed 2006-05-17 at Wayback Machine.

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