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HeadquarterAir Mandalay Ltd. Anglo-American Air Mandalay (Burmese: ?????????) is an air carrier located in Yangon, Myanmar. This is a local carrier that operates internal and foreign charters to neighbouring states. Yangon Internacional Airport[1] is the primary location[1] Two new Embraer ERJ 145s were added at the beginning of April 2015.

International Flight Myanmar Airlines buys six Mitsubishi Aircraft jetliners. The Wikimedia Commons has mediums in connection with Air Mandalay.

Did you say Air Mandalay was still breathing? Yangon-Bagan internal flights - Myanmar Forum

First I received a reservations e-mail from her e-mail, then the following verification e-mail. Greetings from Air Mandalay! When you arrive in Yangon you can collect your ticket at the Air Mandalay offices and settle it in full payment in advance. If this is not possible (due to late arrivals in Myanmar), please let me know when and at what hour you will collect the ticket.

Additionally, an airfield charge of 2000 Myanmar Kyats per individual (per sector) is applied when you make the payments. Failure to collect your ticket 1 full working days before your scheduled departures will result in your booking being cancelled. We are open from 9:00 to 17:00 (weekdays) and from 9:00 to 13:00 (weekends).

Many thanks for your reservation with Air Mandalay - I trust you will really appreciate your stay in my state!

Hawaiian Air Bagan vs. Air Mandalay - Myanmar News Board

Right now, go for Air Bagan. Air Mandalay, however, tries to reorganize and waits a while to see how far they can do well. I' ve made 4 Air Bagan trips in the last few days, very good services. Through a Yangon tourist office, they can make reservations for you.

Cannot be reserved through the website. Like mentioned above, go through the tourist office. Throughout the years I have travelled a dozen+ sections with both, I have always stayed with a regional agent, not with the website. An effective security briefing, proper air services (soft drinks and sandwiches on a 45-minute flight) and yes, the cabin crew are very good!

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