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Air Malta fares compare with other airlines. View Air Malta flights, routes, maps, monthly prices and find the cheapest flights. More information on flights to Malta can be found at

Get a ticket and all the information you need about Air Malta. The national airline of Malta, Air Malta plc is based at Malta International Airport in Luqa.

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Arrival at the check-in counter is as usual, or you can make a booking on the move or on-line.

Arrival at the check-in counter is as usual, or you can make a booking on the move or on-line. Travellers arriving from Malta without hold baggage can conserve valuable baggage by registering at the Air Malta check-in counter. 24-hour advance departures are possible with on-line and cellular check-in, which will close two-hour advance.

Currently, on-line and boarding is only possible for Athens, Geneva, London (Gatwick & Heathrow), Malta, Manchester, Moscow (Domodedovo & Sheremetyevo), Sofia, Zurich and Catania. We are working to expand this, so ask them if you need an upgrade. Members of the Club Malta (Business Class) may carry 30 kg of hold luggage free of cost, while members of the Club Malta Economic passenger may carry 20 kg.

Up to four and a half hour before your flight leaves, you can purchase additional luggage to get it on-line. Additional luggage costs depend on your home country: for example, if you come from the UK, it costs 12 if you are purchased on-line and 14 if you are purchased at the Aiport. Economical occupants profit from a large 32" seating distance, which means a lot of leg room.

The Club Malta customers profit from 34". If you fly with an ECONOMY Flexi or Club Malta flight you can reserve a preferential place for free. Ordinary travelers can choose a place for a small charge. Standard seating costs 10, additional leg room 15, and luxury seating costs 20 when purchased on-line.

Regular seating costs 15, while additional leg room and luxury seating costs £25. There is a processing charge of 11 (approx. 8.80) for onlinebooking. Economists get a small takeaway on a flight of more than one hours and a warm lunch and biscuit on longer missions. Free refreshments are also provided, but if you want an alcohol drink, you have to buy it.

Approximately 80% of Air Malta services arrive and depart as anticipated.

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