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The Air Macau Company Limited is the airline of Macau. Reviews all Macau Bangkok Taipei Tokyo Seoul Da Nang Beijing Kaohsiung Fukuoka Tianjin Taiyuan. to draw Air Macau's attention to me. View Verified Air Macau customer reviews, view Air Macau photos, review customer reviews and opinions about Air Macau standards. Anglo-Macao is the airline of Macao based at Macao International Airport (MFM).

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Founded on 13 September 1994[5], the carrier began operating commercially on 9 November 1995 with a scheduled flights from Macau to Beijing and Shanghai. Before 1995 there had been no air traffic to Macau except for chopper services since 1962. From 1948 to 1961, the Macau Air Transport Company took over the sea plane services.

On 8 December 1995, a flight between Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei was commenced. On 7 October 2002, the first dedicated transport services began between Taipei and Shenzhen via Macau. The two Boeing 727-100Fs were leased to operate air freight services to Shenzhen and Taiwan from 2002 to 2006; both are back in Income Services Transmile Air Services (and re-painted by Air Macau).

The two aircrafts were superseded by two A300-600RFs from Air Macau. Though Air Macau is the Macau flags, the Macau Special Administrative Region has never shown up on any of its planes. The Portuguese banner also did not appear on the plane before it was handed over in 1999. About Air Macau.

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