Air Kbz Safety

Kbz Air Safety

Air KBZ, named after one of the largest banks in Myanmar, had its first accident less than a year after its launch. In spite of its safety record, the airline is growing. Secure carrier in Bagan. - Boards Forum Secure carrier in Bagan. What is currently the most secure carrier from Yangon to Bagan?

Secure carrier in Bagan. Secure carrier in Bagan. Secure carrier in Bagan. Secure carrier in Bagan. Secure carrier in Bagan. Secure carrier in Bagan. I' ve been flying with Yangon Airways, Air Mandalay, Air KBZ and Air Bagan, all the same airplanes ATR-72 and the same safety standard.

Secure carrier in Bagan. Security of Air KBZ? I' m not at all persuaded of them, because of our own experiences during the flight to Bagan, and also not of this latest one: 8. Secure carrier in Bagan. They all fly the same aircraft, at the same hour, for about the same fare.

Secure carrier in Bagan. Aeroplanes were beautiful, with plenty of space and good services. Secure carrier in Bagan. If you compare all carriers, Air Bagan is the most dependable. Aircraft are cleaned and well maintained; skilled pilot and crew; Dependable on time; Best food; Services; But all carriers try to defraud in baggagelaim.

Overviews and Flights (with photos)

Admittedly, I was a little afraid to take a local trip to Myannmar after having read some reports on airlines' safety. ATR72 is very robust and dependable and during the plane's operation I was very satisfied with the way the plane was used. They were also very kind.

We' re not alerted before we leave Yangon, but the plane was so frightening and rough that I thought we'd actually go down at some point. It was a very convenient trip, but had to be flown over Heho. Surprisingly, we first had a snack on the way to Heho and on the way to Nyaung-u we got a sandwich again.

Our staff and stewardesses are kind and courteous. Though it was a brief trip, there were refreshments and coffees on board. The KBZ is a very consequent carrier and a pleasure to use. The aircraft are new and neat and the services are very kind. It was an empty, low-cost plane that lasted 20 minutes.

Organized airlines, convenient seating, welcoming personnel. We' had two departures with this carrier and they both ran on schedule.

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