Air Horizons

horizons of air

It was an airline based in Paris, France. Few things are more important than the air we breathe. The quality of the air is of fundamental importance for our health and our environment. Name of the airline Air Horizons; no longer contractually capable.

We specialize in the construction of hard aluminum products.

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It was an air carrier located in Paris, France. The most important locations were Orly Airport, Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris and Le Bourget Airport, Paris. Alexandre Couvelaire established the company as Euralair in October 1962. Euralair had to declare insolvency in November 2003. Both Euralair Horizon and Euralair International were held from closure by a last-minute bid from Angel Gate Aviation and in February 2004 Euralair was relaunched as Air Horizons.

However, in November 2005, the company applied to a competent lawsuit. The company was closed down by Air Horizons in November 2005. In October 2004 Air Horizons began regular flights from Montpellier to Casablanca and from Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris to Orarzazate.


In visilinear® type LBG-724-PSF type diffusers made of extrusions of aluminium offer a flushed, "rimless" appearance for trunking edgings in stucco, render and dry construction wall and ceiling. They can be installed with the same aesthetics in either MDWOR or FOOR work. Bottom flanges are mounted under the plasterboard, with skimmed milk or render aligned with the circumference of the grille"¼".

It has a detachable grid heart, which facilitates easy channel entry and use. For the extension of the assembly possibilities a vertical frame/flange lock version is available. For a minimalistic appearance, the default beams " on " in 0' or 15' (LBG15-724-PSF) are used. These grids are covered with the walls and allow a minimum impact on the interior decoration.


Available: room-side optics. "The" " www.¼" room as default. if any. LBG-B25-RC (0, 15 or 30°) Same room-side image as above for milling work/ treads or flooring (not 30°). Integrated shock absorber if necessary. If necessary, leave a flap. Bending ensures an equal, easy to paint surface, but may not be suitable for gutting.

Co-operation with a customized store enables us to provide customized designs such as bent or rust-free assemblies. The throwing distances of the grids will in most cases exceed the value actually needed. The following should therefore be used for the default 0 & 15° bar (SIZE 2 ½" AND UP):

Superply devices with 350 cubic meters per cubic meter of grid (or terminal box rating). REETURNs at 250cc per cubic metre grating (or rated full -foot). and impact conditions, etc. The usual shipping time is 3 week.

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