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Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona, Italy, is an Italian regional airline based at Munich Airport, Germany. View Verified Air Dolomiti customer reviews, view Air Dolomiti photos, review customer reviews and opinions about Air Dolomiti standards. Newest tweets from Air Dolomiti Spa (@Air_Dolomiti). Verona-based Italian airline of the Lufthansa Group. CAPA's Premium Airline Profiles combine our news, data and analysis to provide you with everything you need to know about Air Dolomiti.

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one of the largest carriers in Japan. Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona, Italy[2] and Munich Airport[3]. The Dolomiti Air Group offers a route system of several Italians to and from Munich[4] Some of these flights are offered under the Air Dolomiti name. The others are part of Lufthansa Region.

AER Dolomiti was founded on 30 December 1989 by Linee Aeree Europee (L.A.E.). Its name comes from the part of the Alps known as the Dolomites. In January 1991, it commenced flight operation on a Trieste-Genoa line and in 1992 began operating air traffic from Verona to Munich.

In January 1999, after several years of cooperation, Lufthansa purchased a 26% share and in April 2003 it raised it to 52% and in July 2003 to 100%[3] Since then Air Dolomiti has been under Lufthansa control.

Complimentary Air Dolomiti Reviews and Listings

Beautiful ride over the hills. Attractive services on board: sweets, beverages and snacks. Annulled flights, no correct information on the grounds for annulment. Three waitresses rescheduling 120 people. The next one was canceled after 1 hours on the track, again without giving reasons. A further lesson in line, this year only 2 waiters.....

I had no room for my baggage, but that was the smaller of the difficulties, because the plane was 30 min too long (and I have to say that the last one, Berlin-Frankfurt, was even later): It was a real surprise to see the great services they put into the Embraer 195. Our Accommodation on Air Dolomiti is guaranteed by our Settimocielo Air Dolomiti 7th Sky Air Tour Operator Award winning services.

A thunderstorm in Miami canceled my one-way to Europe and the carrier turned me around. Such a lovely trip! Flights took off much too late, happened every week-end said the personnel - lack of personnel in the check-in (not from superiors!). I' ve been enjoying this trip. I got to know a great team on the boat.

And I liked the friendliness of the personnel and the service they provided. I' ve flown several flights with Air Dolomiti and was very satisfied with the service. My little girl (3. 5 years old) will fly with us on holiday for the first case this year. If you are on the boat, we also recommend that you make an appointment with us.....

They were very kind and effective and the snack was little but very good. Consumers are our most valuable resource, and since Air Dolomiti has placed the customer at the centre of its activities, all available services have been tailored to the wishes of our clients. Hopefully we will see you on our Embraers 195 again soon and wish you a nice one.

So what can we really look forward to on a plane today? As a member of the Star Alliance, Air Dolomiti is like all other members of this group. Our passenger base is focused on Air Dolomiti and our services are geared to the wishes and needs of our clients. And this is also illustrated by the valuable work of our crew, who always pay particular attention to our guests.

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