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So what went horribly wrong as far as the company was concerned?

Luxury businessclass buffalo seating for long hauls costs $2500 for two-seaters. Air Berlin's financiers are desperately trying to get back the airline's whole portfolio - from the coffeecup to the six-metre Airbus 320 and everything in between - in a frantic attempt to get money for outstanding invoices.

For years Air Berlin had used up cash before filing for bankruptcy last August, posting a hefty $1.83 billion in loss over the past two years. Air Berlin's roots showed a wise sense of purpose for life. Founded in 1978, it was originally a US carrier that gave it entry to the air corridor of Tegal Int'lairporte during the Cold War.

Following years of expansion through acquisitions, it has found its place as the second biggest German airlines after Lufthansa. The company acted as a "semi-low-cost carrier" - no low-cost airlines and no full services - and flown to Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa. In Etihad, after years of finance battle, Air Berlin found a rescuer who became its biggest stockholder in 2011 and contributed to keeping it up.

"Air Berlin had some major restructuring issues and they were not Etihad's fault," Skift said in August. Air Berlin achieved a Skytrax credit of 5 out of 10 in client support. In the past year, 100 Air Berlin services were canceled in a single working days after about 250 airmen took ill leave during a strikes against lay-offs.

Italians are also bankrupted, but maintaining the company is a question of domestic haught. In August, Etihad - which had previously spent around 3 billion dollars on Air Berlin - had enough. She chopped the money for the flying around airlines and the next morning Air Berlin declared insolvency.

The Air Berlin service was quickly discontinued. His last trip went from Munich to Berlin on October 27. After receiving the go-ahead from the European Union in December, Lufthansa took over parts of Air Berlin, while easyJet took over the operation of Air Berlin at Berlin-Tegel Int. as well. Air Berlin's last few Air Berlin items are snatched at an air-raid in a huge hangar in Essen that runs until the end of this monthly.

Auctioneer Wilhelm Dechow's CEO, Jan Bröker, said it wasn't long before the general publics made bids on the thousand souvenirs. "Everyone obviously wants a slice of Air Berlin for themselves," Bröker said to Deutsche Welle.

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