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Price Air Bagan Ticket

Locate the best Air Bagan tickets, book your flight and fly with Air Bagan at the lowest cost. Which are the prices of local agents in Yangon for the flight Yangon-Heho? AIRE BAGAN FLIGHT SCHEDULES with direct and non-direct flights, flight numbers and flight times. Travel agents said yesterday they were selling Air Bagans tickets as usual. View the best flight deals and low-cost tickets on all major airlines.

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When you are looking for a trip with Air Bagan, just enter the data - that's all it takes. At Air Bagan we offer a wide range of services to different locations at different hours, try to find the best option for you.

When you are a regular airline, you will find our flights very interesting.

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I' m trying to find out if this was a fraud and if I have to terminate my debit or if someone else had this experiance and it turned out to be good. I' ve now reserved 4 domestic trips, I hope that I can keep to my rather narrow route.

I have a friend in Rangoon and I'm here for 2 week, but I want to see as much as possible of what I want to see. Am travels in December and will have three domestic connections - to Hhoo, to Bagan, Bagan to the city. I' m considering using Air Bagan with tickets.

Yes, the departures were postponed, but only by 20 - 30 min, so no problem! So one of them switched from one number to two numbers (change at Mandalay) and then back to one number (only one stop at Mandalay)! Yangon is the only airport that seems to have a seat, all others were free.

Thanks - you have now reserved e-tickets via Air Bagan and are looking forward to your journey. Want to booking air bagan flights Yangon-Heho on-line, but there are two ways - foreigner or Myanma citizen. It is twice the price (138$) of Myanmar citizens (68. 000 MMK) for non-Myan. Foreigner travel can be purchased on-line, Myanmar travel can only be purchased on-line and then either at the Air Bagan offices or through the call-centre.

Has anyone experienced if it is possible to get discounted Myanmar ticket? Alternatively, it is possible to get inexpensive Myanmar passes from the Yangon office? Which are the rates of Yangon flights from Yangon to Yangon-Heho? Foreigners are not permitted to use a Myanmar resident ticket.

I have not yet got my e-tickets. Please verify your spamming folders, as CC will usually issue your eTicket immediately after booking or paying the ticket price. You get your plane ticket?

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