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Find out about Air Austral fees and the latest flight information. CAPA's Premium Airline Profiles combine our news, data and analysis to provide you with everything you need to know about Air Austral. Réunion's national airline, based at Réunion Airport, is Roland Garros. Locate a ticket and all the information about Air Austral. Air Austral fares compare with other airlines.

Free luggage allowance for you

Free luggage is available to all travelers. Advice on preparing your hold luggage. The amount of luggage you have free of charge is indicated on your e-ticket. Example: For a Reunion-Paris trip, LOISIR BRIDGE category, your free luggage is 25 kg. There are 2 types of luggage: one with a weight of 12 kg and the other with a weight of 13 kg or less.

Luggage: fixed or flexible luggage which is not handed in in the cargo area. Before traveling, take all luggage labels off your registered luggage from past luggage from your check-in luggage; mark your luggage inside and outside with your first and last name, mobile phone number and your final point of arrival and e-mail addresses; package most things as well as you can in your registered luggage and store the only things necessary for your personal convenience; apply your fluids in your registered luggage: package them well.

Luggage allowance: If your free luggage exceeds 30 kg, please note that a registered bag may not weigh more than 32 kg. On journeys from/to Thailand, one item of luggage may not be more than 30kg.


Luggage: What is my free luggage? Check your free luggage now: What are the rules for luggage? What is the free luggage for toddlers? When booking a child rebate the free luggage allowance is 10 kg. Plan your trip with your child. Transport terms vary depending on equipment and routes:

When you exceed the exemption, sports equipment is subject to taxation first.

Discount Air Austral flights: Flights & special offers

Air Austral was formed in 1990 and is a leading air carrier in France, headquartered on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. Today more than ever, Air Austral has become an important carrier that strengthens connections across the Indian Ocean. Air Austral offers air travel to Paris, Reunion, Mauritius and other places of interest! One of the most sought-after routes with Air Austral is from Johannesburg to Mauritius.

Max. payload is 10 kg on long-haul and 5 kg on local routes. On long distance air travel, Air Austral check-in opens 4 hrs before take-off and close 1 hrs before take-off. In the case of local services, check-in opens 2 hrs before take-off and close 45 min before take-off. In the OR Tambo Johannesburg the check-in opens 3 hrs before take-off and locks 1 hrs before take-off.

The Air Austral on-line check-in is available 24 hrs before take-off. The OR Tambo Airport provides a selection between the Shongololo and Bidvest lounge. The Guétali Lounge is Roland Garros Airport in Réunion. There are three types of cabins offered by Air Austral: To work during the aeroplane, lean back and turn on the reading-lights.

Feast your eyes on the latest iPad movies distributed by the team. Savour a hint of France's cooking with the option of two warm dishes (meat or fish) based on local traditions, on Reunion Island routes. Celebrate your journey with Air Austral's special Air Austral journey kit, which will keep you fresh and laid-back throughout your entire journey.

If you have specific food or support requirements, please order your meals at least 48 hrs before depart. There is a wide range of newspaper, magazine and refreshing wipes on all our services. Long distance air travel includes films, hands-on gaming and an on-screen buying application that lets you buy items directly to your seats.

Pets may be carried on Air Austral-planes. Please check Air Austral's website for animal travelling requirements. Air Austral provides air services from Réunion Island to: Air Austral's relationship with SNCF-TGV Air enables it to transport its customers to/from 19 towns in the province and to/from Brussels.

Pamper yourself with Air Austral amenities on Reunion departures that can be booked at least 4 nights before departure:

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